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from one windy city to another.
August 27, 2008, 5:42 pm
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I feel like there’s a lot to say and not an overly eloquent way to go about saying it. Which is obviously quite frustrating for someone like me. Do I just dive right in?

I moved. Isn’t that insane? Eighteen years in the same town, almost 17 years in the same house, and here I am on the nineteenth floor of a high-rise apartment building in downtown Chicago. The view is incredible and I’ve already gone all Frank Sinatra (don’t worry Mom. Without the booze, I promise.) It’s so beautiful and exciting. 

Being here, I can’t get over how awesome this opportunity is. I’m so excited to learn and grow and stretch and move. I’m feeling really blessed, ya know? 

I’m slowly getting used to city-ness. We all knew I was a hard sleeper, but all this walking really wears me out. The outside noises can get a little loud, especially the sirens and construction (why 7a.m.? why?) but the elevated trains sound a lot like a big ole gust of Kansas wind from up here. So that doesn’t faze me.

I’ve also never felt like such a giant nerd in my entire life. Ok. I take that back…that time I was really mad about getting out in the geography bee…maybe that was worse. But Monday I walked the few blocks necessary to the Chicago Public Library, and I couldn’t knock that stupid grin off my face the entire time I was there. Sad, right? It’s just the coolest library I’ve ever seen. There’s what’s called the “Popular Library” that hosts recent books and dvds and cds (I am all over that) on the first floor, and the floors above are more specific to topics and genres. There’s a huge section of foreign language periodicals. Why? No idea. But they have them. The top level is a giant indoor garden. I’m in love, really I am. I walked around grinning. I’m sure the employees couldn’t figure out why that crazy girl was wandering up and down escalators and staring out the giant glass ceiling…I think if they saw the Andover Public Library they’d understand. I also found out that if I wanted a library card I’d need two pieces of mail addressed to me. I’d really like to check out a book, so let’s get on that, shall we? Ha. 

I’ll have pictures and all kinds of things in the near future, but until then, know that I love where I am and I love all of you. How exciting is this?


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You are so awesome! Thank you for making the time to create this blog–though I know you loved every minute of it! It’s great!!

Comment by Mom

I like the blog! Great idea. You have a way of making life look even bigger. I’m really proud of you kiddo.

Comment by Dad

i like this blog. i don’t read them very often BUT for you i will make an exception. this will make stalking you so much easier.
is the picture at the top your view out the window? it’s lovely…
have a great day and don’t do anything i wouldn’t do!

Comment by caroline

Thanks for sharing you exurberance in starting the next step in you life. It brings a smile to us across the many miles. Good luck with all your new adventures!

Comment by Mom's Mom

You certainly love life and we love you. What a great adventure you are on. Keep it up!

Comment by Grandma

We love having you share your experiences with your “fans”. Your love of life is very contagious. We love you.

Comment by Grandma

hey franny mac, i’m really happy to hear about your adventures in the big city. i’m really excited to come see you and experience the city life too. i love you

Comment by Gordon

Reminds me a bit of my first impressions of Philthydelphia. Go ahead and enjoy. It seems as though the city ethos is to build all these impressive edifices, and then pretend to be bored with them.

I say stare. Point out the beauty. Drink really good coffee in the best spot you can find.

You’re only young once, but if you do it right, that is enough.

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

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