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August 29, 2008, 5:05 pm
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We’ll see how frequently all of this happens once classes start. But in the mean time? No classes = Chicago adventures in abundance. 

Yesterday (Thursday) we had convocation. I don’t know what that looks like for other schools, but Columbia goes as close to all out as I’ve ever seen. They took over a chunk of Grant Park and brought in tents and costumes and bands and food and so much free stuff. Anyone want a pen? The theme was a carnival, so there were face painters and henna tattoos and fortune tellers and a bunch of those stupid carnival games that I’ve never been good at. Oh and there was an acrobat in the middle of all of that…just doing her thing on some pieces of fabric. No big deal.


This probably isn't her day job...

This probably isn’t her day job…


After that my new friends and I took the train to Wicker Park. Megan is from the suburbs of Chicago so she knew the really good places. Of course, that didn’t prevent us from getting off at the wrong spot…Oh well. Wicker Park is a really cool neighborhood. They have thrift stores and record stores and cool restaurants and all those things you’d want in a hip neighborhood. I’ll be back. We stopped for snacks at a cafe called Earwax (Seriously. Whose idea was that?). The interior was so stinking cute and all the windows were open, putting us almost on the sidewalk. And they had edamame beans and iced coffee. I was set.

i want to eat at flash taco! (in wicker park)

i want to eat at flash taco! (in wicker park)


at earwax...check out the booth behind us!

at earwax...check out the booth behind us!


Then last night (yesterday was more jam-packed than normal) I went to the Art Institute. Target sponsors free evenings on Thursdays and Fridays during the summer so it was one of the last nights. So much famous art! It was interesting seeing so many different types of art in one place. They had an exhibit on Nigerian art and one on Chicago art from the last 50 years. Oh and I saw a Jackson Pollack. Dad, it makes a little more sense when you see it in person. The textures are pretty amazing, even if the visual isn’t exactly typical.


jackson pollack...

jackson pollack...


the side of the jackson pollack...isn't that texture insane?

the side of the jackson pollack...isn't that texture insane?




So yeah. Busy day, but the best ones are.


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Are you sure that gal hanging upside-down isn’t asking for help?

Glad you liked Pollack. Found a picture of him at work. Pretty much what you’d expect.

Love you

Comment by Dad

Chicago will never be the same with you there. Love every minute of it.

Comment by Grandma

I found that getting out to the cool places to eat was the most fun. Do that while it is still warm out. Wandering around Chicago has got to get pretty cold in December and January.

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

[…] is Convocation. Remember? It’s not required for non-freshmen, but I’m excited because it means free lunch and […]

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