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September 5, 2008, 5:24 pm
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I can see the Sears Tower again! It rained all day yesterday and it was very odd to watch large portions of buildings disappear. It’s a little dryer today, but that also means that the construction workers outside my window have been going at it since very early this morning. And one of them has a jackhammer. I don’t think we’re going to be friends.

My weekend is already in full swing! My wonderful schedule is crunched between Tuesdays at 10:30 a.m. to 4:50 on Thursday afternoons. It may get a little intense in there, but I have long weekends to get caught up on things. I’m pretty happy with all of my classes. I know a lot of people who are adding and dropping classes like mad, but I’m pretty sure I’ll stick with what I’ve got. Shall we take a nice little detailed tour of my classes? Ha. You didn’t have a choice.

Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10:30-11:50 I have what’s called “New Millennium Studies.” It’s a required freshman seminar that involves a lot of soul searching and finding of one’s “self” and “creative purpose.” I’m kind of set in all of those departments, but it will be interesting learning about other perspectives. There isn’t a set textbook, but we’ll be reading various books and taking various field trips to various Chicago museums and creating various projects that interpret what we’ve learned. I feel like they might be encouraging over-overthinking….we’ll see how that goes. 

Tuesday afternoons from 1:00-4:50 I’m taking Drawing 1 from a very British performance artist. All of the faculty here are distinguished artists in their own rights, so it’s been interesting hearing about their work. I wasn’t really informed in the area of performance art before Tuesday, but it’s made for some very interesting Wikipedia browsing. This man draws inspiration from people who nail themselves to cars and carry around rotting meat. He’s very interested in irritating “the Man” and wallowing in his misunderstood-ness. That said, he has an enjoyable sense of humor and a good deal of talent, so I’m looking forward to learning from him in different capacities. I just hope he doesn’t make us draw garbage as much as he has suggested. 

Wednesday mornings will necessitate a good deal of caffeine. My Art History 1: Stone Age to Renaissance class is not only lecture-based but very long and starts at 9:00 (I know. Someone call the waaambulance). The teacher is a very sweet old woman who will probably make me cry at some point. The class has the potential to be interesting, challenging, frustrating and very informing. We’re going to two museums right off and writing papers and that sort of thing. No pain, no gain, right?

My Fundamentals of 2D Design class goes from 1:00-4:50 on Wednesday afternoons. After the first meeting, I’m pretty excited about this class for few reasons other than I’m a design nerd. This class has around twenty people (my largest has 40. they weren’t lying about small classes) and all of us have different majors so it’ll be cool to see how everyone uses what they’re learning in their specific area. 

I have my science class from 1:00-4:50 on Thursday afternoons and that is definitely too long for someone like me to be talking about science. It’s called Molecules in Art & Life and deals mainly with the chemistry of different everyday materials. The teacher has a “special” every week which involves researching a specific material. Yesterday’s was nylon. I feel like that class is going to be a giant issue of Inventions & Technology every week…occasionally very interesting and informative, but mostly really tedious. Ha. This one’s for you, Dad.

Too much information? Now at least you all know exactly where I am on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. If nothing else, all of my classes will show me different ways of thinking. Whether I choose to adopt them is yet to be decided and the process will likely produce both humorous and stressful situations. But it’ll be fun reading 500 words on it, right? Right?

Even though I’ve probably over-typed my welcome, there’s one more thing. Nate and I have been checking out different Christian fellowships on both of our campuses and we went to one last night that we’re really excited about. It’s  called Intervarsity. I’d never heard of it until we got up here but we really felt welcome at the Columbia chapter large group meeting last night. They have similar purposes and ideals to what we gained from Real Life and the people were really normal(!) and inviting. So I think we’ll be going back. It’s a relief to feel like we fit somewhere. 

Woo! My word count’s at something absurd like 787 so I’ll stop, but it’s been a busy three days! Sorry for no pictures…maybe later.


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I’ll loan you my “Inventions and Technology” library, or you can send me the syllabus and I’ll send the appropriate reading material. Thanks for a great description of your classes. Love you.

Comment by Dad

Thank you so much for sharing your week with us. To me it was not boring. Love you and keep up the good work.

Comment by Grandma

The “New Millennium Studies” course sounds like an attempt to allow students to “find themselves” for college credit. Since you already know who you are, you should see if you can test out of it.

Is it cheating if you help the guy next in the next seat find himself too? Maybe there is some money in helping your class mates find themselves early so they can coast for the rest of the class…

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

Visited with your folks for a while this evening, and your mom gave me your site. Keep writing; you have a great talent (I’m also loving the pictures you’ve got up).

Comment by Peter DeVries

Frances, i can’t wait to come visit you in Chicago. It sounds amazing and with your schedule we get to hang out a lot. You have to show me the artsy part of Chicago since you will know a lot about it then. i really enjoy reading about your times up there, so keep writing. See you sooner than it feels like!

Comment by Kyle Reynolds

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