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“What’s the most exciting thing you did this week, Frances?”
September 20, 2008, 11:29 pm
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we appreciate gothic architecture. no seriously. it was amazing.

ok maybe not the most exciting, per se, but the most reportable event of the week was my Wednesday Art History field trip to the Oriental Institute on the University of Chicago campus in Hyde Park. The campus itself is modeled after Yale and Harvard and very beautiful. But someone told me their unofficial slogan is “Where fun goes to die“. I like art school. So not only did I experience my first ride on the Metra (I was unaware we still had train conductors that wear hats and suit jackets and punch your ticket), but I also had a seriously world class field trip. As a child of Kansas, our museum trips for school usually involved a lot of replicas and a few artifacts that were really exciting. So you can imagine I was a little overwhelmed to be in a museum surrounded by things I’ve been seeing in text books since the sixth grade. We were a little rushed. Three hours is a long time for a lecture, but not so long when you’re trying to wedge a museum tour between two sizable train rides.

Before we went to the museum we stopped by the Rockefeller Chapel. There were all kinds of fun facts thrown at me but I didn’t absorb as much as I should have. They had a GINORMOUS pipe organ. Apparently knowledge of pipe organs is not as widespread as I believed, and I impressed some people by knowing how to get a noise out of it. I’m not sure if that was against the rules…too late.

There were more pipes...

There were more pipes...

stops much?

stops much?

In the actual museum they had all kinds of things from the Middle East and Ancient Egypt. It looked like National Geographic threw up. Dad, you would have loved it. If you come visit me, I will buy you a Metra ticket and make the five dollar suggested donation for you.

This is the tallest Egyptian sculpture in the Western Hemisphere. Take that, Museum of Ancient World Treasures.

This is the tallest Egyptian sculpture in the Western Hemisphere. Take that, Museum of Ancient World Treasures.

This last one goes out to Kyle Bear Reynolds and Caroline Olson. When we’re old enough to afford the extravagance of museum gift shops, we will buy this and have a major archaeological dig. Until then, I’m thinking of you.

It's sooo big!

It's sooo big!


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Nathan told me that Chicago is one of the most stressful cities to live in–I think you are doing remarkably well.

Comment by Grandma

oh my gosh i want to do that archeological dig. that looks so exciting. that is an entire summer project i think. can you say summer 2009?

Comment by Kyle Reynolds

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