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a whole month?
September 23, 2008, 9:31 pm
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Today marks the one month anniversary of my arrival in Chicago. Aside from this month being both the longest and fastest month of my entire life, I’ve found there are quite a few things I miss about Wichita. This list is not comprehensive (notice the absence of people?) and is in absolutely no order. Please do not interpret the following as complaints or grumblings, merely observations.

1. Driving places. Sometimes it would be nice to go directly where I want to go without climbing several flights of stairs with large bags in my arms. 

2. Solid meals. Who are we kidding? I eat a lot of cereal and Hot Pockets. I could go for a casserole.

3. Quik Trip. 7 Eleven pales in comparison. Everything is overpriced (You want $1.59 for a Slurpee?) and they have not the expansive beverage selection as our dear QT. To the first person who can figure out how to mail me a frozen Rooster Booster: You are equal parts genius and saint.

4. Crazy Mike. Anyone bearing any resemblance to him is substantially more dangerous. And they usually are asking me for money. 

5. My mother’s Gold Card Membership to the library. I forgot about late fees. They’re not cool. I currently owe the city of Chicago $0.40.

6. Spangles. Freshness made to order in general.

7. Trashy people, senior citizens, small children…I promise the only thing those have in common in my brain is they don’t have any of those in the city. No Wal-Mart neither.

8. Tornado sirens on Mondays at noon. Just kidding.

9. Michaels and their 40% off any regularly priced item coupon. Art supplies are expensive.

10. Girl capris. For some reason, boys at art school like capris more than girls do. I’m still struggling with that.

11. In-house washing machines. I never realized what a blessing that was. Or what a giant inconvenience laundry was. Thanks Mom!

Would anyone like to share what they would/do miss the most about Wichita? Maybe you’ve never even been to Wichita. What do you think you’d miss?


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I think you forgot to mention how much you miss mowing the lawn with the rest of us. All that pavement must get rather depressing.

Comment by Dad

Moving from a rural to an urban area, I think I really miss the ability to be outside and be alone. Stepping out my door means I have to deal with people. I like being alone and outdoors.

I visited Wichita once…

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

campus golf. i would imagine it would be hard to create a course in the city

Comment by Kyle Reynolds

There is no place like home. I can make casseroles and I have been to Wichita too.

Comment by Grandma

Re: Crazy Mike. When I was in Philly, the guys asking for money were using this heart-rending story about their family being trapped in the car that broke down in a bad part of town. I was stunned to discover that this story is still being widely used. In fact, this summer, a very well-dressed guy tried it on me in San Francisco.

A great response is to tell the guy that you will help him flag down a cop to go and help his family. They tend to go away after that offer.

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

Frances. That’s what I miss most about Wichita.

Well. Izzy. Then Frances.

Comment by Jenni

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