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How do I love my mother? Let me count the ways…
October 13, 2008, 6:53 pm
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My mom came to visit me!!! Due to the glory of Megabus, she arrived at Union Station at 7 a.m. on Friday morning and stayed until midnight Sunday. I’m debating telling you absolutely everything we did…basically, we had a lot of fun. Right off the bat we got her a 3-day unlimited CTA pass, which we totally milked. Oddly enough, the most shopping we did was for groceries…thanks Mom! We checked out Trader Joe’s, found an Aldi’s, and bought a pineapple for $2 at a flea market! My kitchen is now even better stocked. 

We ate Thai food at Penny’s Noodle Shop and also had staples like our favorite Chicago-style pizza (Giordano’s), Coldstone, and Chipotle! Funny how everything was centered around food…but not really surprising. We tested chocolates at a candy store less than a block away from my apartment (dangerous?). I wish I could remember which ones they were…the store had quite a selection.



Our other frivolous discovery was a bakery and cafe called Bittersweet. Pretty much in love with that place. We went twice(!) and tried five different things: a strawberry thumbprint cookie, coconut macaroon, tiny little meringue pie, a baby cheesecake, and a piece of their special flourless chocolate souffle cake. Hungry yet? Thank goodness we’re so good at sharing. Sadly we forgot to take pictures of what we ate…trust us. It was good.

visit number one...very few crumbs.

isn't it cute?

 We went back the next afternoon after church…it’s conveniently on the way home. Sunday was the Bank of America Chicago Marathon…the traffic was insane. The finish line was maybe 3 blocks from my apartment so we walked over. When we showed up the finishers’ time was about 6 hours and 20 minutes. That is such a long time to be running, but very impressive. Right after the finish line there was SO much gatorade, water and volunteers handing out sweet space blankets so they wouldn’t get dehydrated. Whole Foods donated so many bananas. So many we took a picture. 

I don't know if you can tell from the picture, but the bananas were stacked maybe 3 feet off the table and probably twenty feet long. Oh and there were two of those tables.

Why am I always so bad at concluding paragraphs? Anyway, I love my mom, I love that she came to visit with me, I loved showing off my new home. Thanks for a really fun weekend Mom!





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Seriously, thank you for taking me to all of those places with you. It was a blast!

Comment by NATE

Aren’t Mom’s great?

Comment by Grandma

I am so glad that your mom got to come and see you!

Comment by Jennifer Appleton

Sounds like a great weekend with lots of GREAT food! I actually ran the Chicago Marathon in 2006 (although it was called the LaSalle Bank Chicago Marathon then). Glad to hear you’re enjoying Chicago!

Comment by Mel Steinbach

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