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my dear friends came to town…
October 21, 2008, 5:46 pm
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Not that it came as any surprise, but it turns out that when your best friends are visiting for the weekend, sleep gets pushed to the back burner. Like the farthest possible back burner. I spent the majority of yesterday sleeping and, dare I say, lounging. I apologize for my laziness, but I did accomplish a fair amount of homework.

Nate and I took the blue line train to O’Hare Thursday night to pick up Hannah and Conner from their 7:20 flight. After some really refreshing and long hugs, we meandered our way back to our neck of the woods, stopping at Logan’s Bar & Grill for dinner. I’m discovering that the most random restaurant selections usually yield the best results. We just pointed at it and walked in. They claim to have the best burger in town, but doesn’t everyone? They were really good actually…especially when topped with bleu cheese, bacon and grilled onions.

we were so happy to see each other!
we were so happy to see each other!

Friday morning we tested a delicious coffee shop (Conner approved) and shopped while Nate attended classes (haha! you have classes on Fridays!). I haven’t spent much time buying coffee, shopping, or eating out so it was a vacation for me too!

delicioso. I will take you there if you ask nicely.

delicioso intelligensia. I will take you there if you ask nicely.

Hannah and I passing time in the mens shoe department at Macy’s.

Saturday we toured the Illinois Institute of Art Culinary School (Conner is interested in attending in the future), and aside from being a very informative experience, we also got fed! Basically all we did this weekend was eat…

We all went to church Sunday and then to the Maxwell Street Market for lunch…authentic mexican food and bulk candy. I apparently really like dried fruit, and they had a ton of it! Conner took us out to a very nice dinner Sunday evening at Joe’s Seafood Prime Steak and Stone Crab. I’ve been blessed to eat at some very nice restaurants by very generous friends, and it was a huge treat to have king crab. 

Hannah and Conner had to leave by 4:30 a.m. to catch their flight so we kind of neglected a little more sleep. We were sad to see them go but it was wonderful to get to spend so much time with them.


Miss you already!

Miss you already!




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Good friends are the best!

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