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Last week in October…
October 31, 2008, 10:22 pm
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I’m experiencing an unusual Friday. For starters, I’m all alone! The past four weekends have been jam-packed with guests, and I guess I forgot what no-class Fridays felt like without Kansans! It’s also Halloween, which I’m not a huge fan of, and Nate went to KU for the weekend, so I can’t track down anyone to dress up in tin foil and go to Chipotle with. I mean, the day is still young, but I was hoping to get a head start. I’m also coming off a week of intense projects, so I don’t really even have something I should be working on! It’s all very odd. But the MOST odd thing is a recently new development….ready?

My roommate moved out. Yes. Embher has taken her things and moved into a different Columbia-sponsored residential building. Wednesday afternoon she said, “I’ve been needing to talk to you…I’m moving out.” I was pretty shocked. We get along decently well, nothing that couldn’t be tolerated or “build character.” She told me that our neighbors were too loud for her and she talked to Residence Life and they told her about an opening in another building…so she took it. While this isn’t huge and life-altering, I’m still in a completely different place than I imagined I’d be 48 hours ago. I came home from Intervarsity last night and the only things left are her broken coffee maker, smoothie machine, waffle maker, and printer. She’s coming back for the rest this afternoon. I’m really alright with living alone, perhaps a little startled by the abruptness of all of this, but I really enjoy my solitude on occasion. Chances are good I’ll get a new roommate in the near future, but until then I need to figure out how to replace the things we shared that were technically hers…pots & pans, silverware, bathroom furnishings, kitchen trashcan…she took all the toilet paper. Fun fact. 

So. Onward to weekend!


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Truckload of toilet paper is on the way!
I like the new picture. Clever shot of the bean and the skyline. Love you!

Comment by Dad

Another fun fact: Many public bathrooms have extra rolls of toilet paper if you know where to look.

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

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