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my apologies
November 17, 2008, 6:02 am
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on the lack of frances blog-ness as of late. Things have been particularly busy and will remain that way probably….until Christmas break.

Quick Update:

  • Caroline and Tyler came and visited! They received perhaps the most comprehensive tour of Chicago I’ve given yet. 
  • I had a busy week at school! I like Art History less and less as the weeks progress.
  • Gordon came to town Friday! I love Gordon! He is a bundle of fun.
  • We went to Wisconsin and saw Mel and Mike get married! We also saw Aunt Holly and Uncle Glen and Brie and ate three different kinds of frozen custard and did not take a single picture. Go us.

So that’s the quick update. Please interpret the excessive use of exclamation points as an indication of my general happiness and contentment.

I’ve got a term paper due Wednesday and a project due Thursday so Monday is strictly homework. I wish I had more words and pictures to share…hopefully next time will be an information overload.


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I will add on to that blog. We had a blast in Wisconsin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Everything was so fun and it was great to meet everyone. Thank you for letting us come up there! It was so much fun! Hopefully I get to see everyone sometime again. Have a great time at thanksgiving!

Comment by Nate Kirk

yeah just rub it in my face Nate. I’m jealous.

Comment by Missy

just kidding! i am so glad everyone had such a wonderful time 🙂

Comment by Missy

It was a fun weekend, but busy. Please bring Nate back again. He is a great houseguest. Thanks for leaving Gordon with us for a few days.

Comment by Grandma

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