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oh my goodness.
November 24, 2008, 12:32 am
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Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? Seriously? I have three classes this week, a nice break in Wisconsin, and then two more weeks of classes before I return to Kansas for winter break! It all seems to be happening so quickly. I’m so excited to go home and drive and get Quik Trip and spend time with my family and friends. It seems so soon and so far away at the same time!

I shipped Gordon back to Kansas City on Saturday night. We had a pretty relaxing weekend since he returned from Wisconsin on Thursday. Lots of pizza. Sadly, I did not take any pictures of our lovely time. My camera’s been draining batteries like mad, and it’s easier to enjoy what we’re doing if I’m not frustrated with switching batteries and trying to get the blasted thing to stay on. So you all can just imagine Gordon and I strolling the streets of Chicago, riding public transportation, watching tv, and eating Chipotle. You have a very effective imagination, I’m sure.

So here is the plan for this week: get ahead on homework and cleaning Monday so I can go to New Millennium Studies and Drawing and welcome my lovely parents, sisters, and DOG (!) Tuesday evening. Wednesday I have my Art History class (my afternoon class was cancelled) and then we’ll leave Chicago sometime Wednesday night. Thursday through Sunday will be spent in Wisconsin with the MacLeods! I’m really looking forward to having some extra time off and seeing so much of my family. 

Yayyyy. Excitement.


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Can’t wait to see you, your family and dog. Loved having Gordon with us for a few days. It was fun!

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