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bus time is reflection time
November 30, 2008, 9:51 pm
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What exactly does one do whilst riding the Megabus back from Milwaukee to sweet Chicago? Take advantage of their technology amazement in the form of free wifi on a moving vehicle. Granted, I’m a little nauseous from staring at the screen, but it’s easily Megabus’s second best features (directly behind cheap cheap fares). 

My beautiful family left Camp Runamuc at 5:30 this morning, taking with them our sweet dog whom I love dearly already. We had a nice little weekend together and saw so much family it was absurd. The Kansas MacLeods descended upon Chicago around ten Tuesday evening and from there we spent a cheery day in Chicago while I finished up my last class (grr, art history). Dad and Caroline and Anne went to the Cultural Center and checked out Christmas displays at Macy’s on State Street before meeting me for coffee and a library tour. We left Chicago around 2:30 to avoid Thanksgiving traffic. Fortunately, there was little to be seen and no visible road rage on my father’s part. We stopped at Mars Cheese Castle (finally! I’ve been eyeing it for maybe three years now), which is exactly what it sounds like — a precious tourist trap on the highway between Chicago and Wisconsin that is decorated like a castle (think suits of armor and shields with crests on them) and contains tee shirts, a restaurant/bar, an overpriced but extensive collection of cheese, sausage, alcohol, and other Wisconsin products. They also had lots of samples. Lots. We bought some brick cheese so not to loiter.

We arrived at my grandparents’ house in time for dinner and didn’t stop eating until we left. Thanksgiving was quite festive and involved two turkeys, smashed potatoes, squash, cranberry sauce, delicious broccoli, rolls, stuffing, and probably some other items I’m forgetting. What family not present at the actual dinner joined us for dessert later in the day. Wow. We had cranberry-orange cheesecake (go Louisa), pumpkin pie, apple pie, and RUM CAKE. I was stuffed. 

Friday and Saturday were spent with my sisters, parents, grandparents, and selected cousins. We had a good time and bought a lot of cheese and other necessities from Walmart (I really really miss Walmart…Chicago Walmarts are kind of scary). We also had our share of frozen custard. I am so blessed to have family in the dairy state. What good would the Oil & Refinery State or Sunshine State or Show-Me State do? I just want cheese.

So. These next two weeks will be jam packed with all the assignments and projects I’ve put off. My dear friend Jenni will be here this Tuesday and Wednesday and I am so psyched for that. Once all that is through I’ll load up my stuff and ride Mr. Megabus to Kansas for one and a half glorious months of winter break. I’m terribly excited. 


Ah. Pray for my sanity and time-management. I’ll need them both.


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It was a wonderful Thanksgiving. God has blessed us with so much. We will be praying for you to survive the next two week.

Comment by Grandma

I just don’t know many people who instant message, do homework and update blogs from a bus. Just my dear Frances.

Comment by Dad

a library tour! please say you took every escalator and posed all the was up and down them… i am happy to hear you enjoyed your break. cant wait to see you soon

Comment by Kyle Reynolds

Glad to hear you had a nice Thanksgiving weekend with the family…sorry we missed you 🙂 It sure gets harder when you’re married and have two families to see in the same day 🙂

It was so good seeing you at the wedding and meeting Nate. Good luck in the next couple weeks! Just think: soon you’ll be home with the family and homework will be the furthest thing from you mind!

Comment by Mel Kreuser

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