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36 hours back in the 60605
January 20, 2009, 12:48 am
Filed under: Chicago!

Ha ha oh wow. That’s a lot of numbers. 

After a delightful mini-weekend in Lawrence, KS with my dear friend Hannah (we had Chik-fil-a. tell me that’s not delightful), I took the overnight Megabus to Chicago on Saturday night. I was back in my apartment by 6:30 Sunday morning, and in a lot of ways, it seems like I never left. Alright, there are a few differences, most notably the snow, but also my roommate brought back a harp. A harp. It’s wonderfully soothing when she plays me lullabies. I spent the majority of Sunday with Nate and his sweet mother who’s in town for the next week or so. We wandered around World Market and Whole Foods before Nate and I spent an entire TWO hours researching and selecting the best readily accessible Mexican restaurant in the Chicago area. After a lot of debate and general indecisiveness (primarily on my part), we settled on Fernandos in Lakeview. It was so delicious and my burrito was absolutely huge. 

Today (Monday) has been lovely and quiet. I’ve spent the majority of this past week entirely surrounded by people, and as much as I love them, it’s been so nice to have a day to myself to recharge and drink coffee and read and watch cable television (but only one channel…the remote batteries seem to be dead). 

My classes won’t actually start until next Tuesday, but until then I plan to keep busy by grocery shopping, paying my library fine, applying for scholarships (will someone please hold me accountable??!), trolling ebay, and catching up with Chicago. 

Sounds like a wonderful week to me!


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We are so glad to have you blogging again. We have missed you so much.

Comment by Grandma

Did you know that if you GET UP OFF THE COUCH you can change channels on a television without using a remote? Just a thought. Now, get back to work on those scholarships!

Comment by Mom

I’m glad you’re back in the city. I was going to say the same thing your mother did but now I don’t have to. I apologize for my kids behavior at the lodge (loud music and up all night). If I had heard them I would have told them to turn off the music and go to bed. I guess I was just lucky that my room wasn’t so close to them. I look forward to keeping up with you. Have fun and work hard!!

Comment by Brian

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