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January 30, 2009, 6:19 pm
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Break is fun, but free time doesn’t feel as glorious until you’ve finished the week. 

I made it through my first week of classes. I’m alive, I’m stronger, I’ve adjusted my internal clock to sleep accordingly, and I think it’s going to be a lovely semester.

To the chagrin of my family and friends, I successfully secured the schedule of champions for the second semester in a row. Yes, this means I only have class three days a week. Yes, this means my weekend starts Thursdays at 5 and extends to 3:15 on Tuesday afternoons. Yes, it is as wonderful as it sounds.

I start off the week with a late afternoon Art History class. Three of my friends and I are in this class together, and we already established ourselves for a group project later in the semester. I was delighted to find my teacher articulate and more than competent. I had an unfortunate situation with my teacher last semester that resulted in a lot of frustration and stress. This woman gave us our syllabus and told us what was going to happen, and I trust her. She seems to share my aversion to busy work, and I really like that in a teacher. This class covers Renaissance to Modern, and I’m really looking forward to the material. Stone age art…doesn’t really do it for me. This should be nice.

Wednesday mornings are filled with a Humanities course entitled “Humanities for the Visual Artist.” Sounds pretty liberal, right? Our teacher is this sensational 60-something who has a very dramatic past. She was a beatnik, she married an alcoholic jazz musician, she’s been on welfare, etc. She’s also a very accomplished artist, and while I couldn’t find a link on the internet, she seems very qualified for the job. She is also very articulate and an experienced teacher. We’re reading biographies on artists and taking field trips and things of that nature. First up: Georgia O’Keeffe. 

I have an hour between Humanities and my afternoon class, Design Lab. I was looking forward to this class, but I think it might not be as enjoyable as I had hoped. The whole purpose of the class is to learn how to use Adobe Creative Suite, and while I did learn a few tricks the other day, I was a bit restless in class. It lasts for nearly four hours…oh my.

Thursdays start soo early! In order to keep a three-day schedule, I signed up for an 8:30 to 12:20 3D Design class. It’s like shop for the art kids. My teacher is a sculptor and very chatty. There are five main projects, and our first is deconstructing everyday objects to planes and then building them out of wood. My group built a foam-core model of a tea kettle yesterday. I think I’m going to get even better with exacto knives. The class itself is fine, and once I actually get out of bed it’s not that early, but the time between my two Thursday classes is a bit close.

Beginning Typography starts at 1 o’clock. I’m horrendously excited, and the first day only solidified my joy. I love fonts. Love them. I’m looking forward to learning about the history of typefaces and exactly why I like them so much. Our teacher is this delightful older man who is a former president of the Society of Typographic Arts. Legit, right? He has a design firm in the suburbs. He’s been around a long time and knows a lot of people. Which is great. 

So. I’m finished with the first week! I’m comfortable with my classes, thankful for the resource of during the enrollment process, and ready for an eventful spring semester.

Now. If only we could get this weather to warm up…


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i am unbelievably jealous of your schedule! also very happy that you will get to learn why you have a weird fascination with fonts. i never understood but now you can tell me why later. i miss you dearly.

Comment by Kyle Reynolds

I love your positive attitude. Keep it up. We love you.

Comment by Grandma

Sounds like you’re off to a good start! And 4 1/2 day weekends? I am quite jealous! I used to plan my schedule quite similar…although I usually only managed a 3 1/2 day weekend 🙂 Glad to hear the classes seem interesting. Those 4-hour ones are a bear…I fidget like no other. Good luck and keep writing! 🙂

Comment by melkreuser

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