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The weather today
February 7, 2009, 8:46 pm
Filed under: Chicago!

is absolutely beautiful. 54 degrees? How did I get so lucky!?

I’m currently sitting at a table at the Harold Washington Public Library. I was originally at my favorite table on the top floor, but I got kicked out for some sort of Lincoln-celebration. Boo. Oh well. I finished some more work for Westminster Woods. I love designing their camp brochure because they let me do whatever I please and I get to sort through camp pictures. There are some good’uns. 

I thought I’d share some independent adventures/points-of-interest that have made my week extra nice:

  • Molly’s Cupcakes: positively the most delightful excursion of my Friday. My friend and I journeyed to Lincoln Park and tasted some delicious cupcakes. I had the red velvet with cream cheese and it was sooo good. It’s reasonably priced and they have swings instead of bar-stools. Why did I not think of that? Anyway, I’m going back and I’ll take any of you with me. 
  • Flaming Saganaki Cheese: Nate’s parents are in town, and last night we had dinner at the Greek Islands restaurant in Greektown. The food was delicious, and we agreed the appetizer was the most genius thing we’d ever heard of. They take some delicious cheese (our waiter told us it was made of “ships milk” which we think means “sheep”…he was very Greek) and light it on FIRE!! And as they do this, they shout “OPAA!” and you feel very cultured and eat some deliciously crispy cheese. I fully intend to attempt this the next time I have high-quality Greek cheese on hand. Oh, and we also saw a celebrity, Lisa Ling, at the restaurant. She was on The View and sometimes does stuff for Oprah and is really not that famous, but we so totally saw her.
  • Make-your-own font consumed my entire Friday morning. My dad and I have long discussed and researched companies that generate a font for your computer based on your handwriting, but most of them cost money and are discouraging. Not this one! You print out the template, fill it out, scan it in, upload it to their website, and a few minutes later they make your font available to download and install on your computer! It’s pretty wonderful. Now I can type things in my dad’s handwriting, and he can type in mine! Unfortunately, I can’t make my handwriting available for download here, but if you really are interested and ask politely, I’ll email it to you.
  • This music video makes me so happy. I’ve loved the band (The Fray) since my sophomore year of high school, and they recently put out their second CD. They filmed the music video for their first single here in Chicago, and they make the city look so beautiful. Please ignore the bizarre EMS subplot (I really don’t get it) and enjoy the gorgeous shots of the city. It’s really fun seeing some of the buildings I love in music videos.

This evening I’m journeying to Hinsdale again to watch Nate play tennis, but this time I’m riding in a car with his parents, so no Metra adventures for me! 

My dad’s coming next weekend! I’m having so much fun researching things to do and I’ve currently got a wish-list that’ll more than fill his two days. I’m really excited, and he should be too…


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Looking forward to seeing you too, dear. (Thought that was going to be in my own font.)

Comment by Dad

I don’t know about all of this font stuff. Your Dad is getting pretty excited about his trip to Chicago. Have fun!

Comment by Grandma

I am so excited you’re doing the WMW brochure! It is going to look amazing! I can’t wait to see it! and those cupcakes…yummm. if i ever come to chicago please take me.

Comment by Missy

‘You Found Me’ was filmed in Chicago? Wow. Never would’ve known that. I am totally in love with this song (and still in love with their last CD). I am wanted their newest one so bad, but need to wait until my “budget” allows. Yes, a budget is a necessary evil that Mike and I are slowing adjusting to. Hmmm…maybe I should blog about that???! 😉 Have fun with your dad this weekend!

Comment by Mel Kreuser

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