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February 16, 2009, 7:02 am
Filed under: Family

this weekend didn’t go as expected. For example, all of my toiletries are on a bus bound for Kansas City right this second, and I came home to a bathroom where none of the lights turn on. I’m not sure if I have any unexpired milk.

But this I know for sure: I am so thankful to be a MacLeod.  

When I get married, maybe I won’t give up my maiden name. Not as a feminist statement or any reason typical other than I want to forever be identified as a member of this family. 

More on this weekend later, but we love because we have been perfectly Loved.


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It was a weekend for the unplanned, but I’m pleased to have spent it with you. Mom really enjoyed the Molly’s cupcake. Hope the lights are back on.

Comment by Dad

Oh no! No lights in bathroom? Hope that was fixed quickly…and all of your stuff went back with your Dad? Good reason to go out and buy all new stuff 😉 Hope you got it all figured out. Good seeing you!

Comment by melkreuser

I was thinking about the last name thing the other day, and it’s funny that you wrote about it like a million years ago. I agree.

Comment by caromac

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