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February 24, 2009, 5:41 pm
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It certainly has been long enough, has it not?

I recently returned from Wisconsin Weekend Number Dos. It was really really great. I’ve said this before, and I’ll say it again, but everyone should have grandparents MacLeod. They ordered in 6 inches of snow for me Saturday morning, and we just had a lovely old time eating dessert and enjoying each others’ company. This weekend I saw all 6 (SIX) of my father’s siblings. In one weekend! That hasn’t happened for probably something like five-plus years, and it was well overdue. Shall I shout-out? Lynn made us cookies and brownies, Holly made lots of salt-free casseroles that we ate after she left, Glen told me I had nice boots and taught me a cork trick (ask and I’ll show you), Steve and John came all the way from Connecticut, Donald picked up Kenneth and I at Midway airport and drove us to Runamuc, Fiona orchestrated Sunday’s dinner, and Kenneth and I compared Macs and had LeDucs. Twice. Oh, and my father made his presence known by emailing a link to old Cuttyhunk photos that resulted in no less than two hours worth of Grandpa-story-goodness.

So. I find myself back in Chicago, two hours away (give or take rush hour traffic) from a decent casserole with a few housekeeping things to do around here. I’m going to the Art Institute this afternoon with my Art History class and I need to do some Humanities homework. Oh the joy. 


postscript In response to last post’s frustrations: Maintenance came and fixed our bathroom lights. Apparently the wiring was split? I’m not sure. I don’t speak electrician. But everything works and is generally dandy. Also, my father overnighted everything I left in his suitcase so I could look presentable again. Much appreciated.

Song for today:
Band of Horses – “No One’s Gonna Love You”


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It was good to have you here and I have refused to go back to LeDuc’s without you.

I will, however, eat the pie.

My loyalty has it’s limits.

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

We miss you terribly. Come back soon.

Comment by Grandma

….pie? Did somebody say pie? Did Brett Cramer bring another of his famous apple pies?

Comment by Dad

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