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then there was love.
February 27, 2009, 5:50 am
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In case you ever wondered why I create…

This was for my Humanities for the Visual Artist class. We were supposed to share our “personal myth” — the story of our artistic journey. My school is fond of these self and identity projects. They keep asking about me, and although it often borders on self-absorption, it’s amazing to learn about people when they’re allowed to share from their core for ten or so minutes. I’ve gained so much from these assignments, most importantly, the ability to articulate my story and my beliefs. It’s all always been there, I’ve just been given the opportunity to really think about my process.

And while I think it incredibly tacky to offer excuses when presenting a project, please know that I did not select this typeface for youtube, and viewing is optimal on my personal screen. And it might take a while to load. And also, it’s over 7 minutes long. But I hope you find it satisfactory.



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Frances, you rock!
(But your memories of your childhood are a little bit scary!)
Love you!!!

Comment by Mom

Frances – Mom gave me your blog site to check out – wow!!! you are a very deep child with a true love for God! I want to share this with a couple of people – hope that’s okay! Good luck in school!

Comment by Tracie Blevins

Frannie Mac,

You continue to amaze me by using your talents and ambitions to glorify God. I love you and am inspired by your faithfulness.

Your favorite big brother,

Comment by Gordon

You constantly amaze me with your mature insight. God has really blessed you.

Comment by Grandma

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