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March 2, 2009, 11:44 pm
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that it is Pulaski* Day in Chicago today does NOT fill the Sonic-America’s-Drive-In-cranberry-cherry-limeade-shaped void in my life right now.

*Casimir Pulaski was apparently a Polish calvary officer in the Revolutionary War. His contributions to U.S. military apparently necessitated a parade-worthy holiday that shuts down the public schools/library/post office/etc. I don’t know. Wikipedia only takes me so far.

Last night the driver of the 12 bus asked me what “chewing the cud” meant while I was swiping my card. Apparently he was playing “Who Wants to be a Millionaire” on his Blackberry. He was supposed to select the animal that didn’t chew it’s cud (it was the rabbit).
Now, apparently, cud knowledge is not as widespread as I had believed, and I can accept that. I find trouble with the fact that not just was he on his cellular device while driving a bus full of passengers, he was playing Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Really? I probably could have worried about my safety, but I was too amused that this man was passing his time at work asking passengers answers to game-show questions. By the way, the city of Chicago has a hands-free ordinance that issues a $50 fine for holding a cell phone while driving. Really. The same driver drove Nate’s bus back, and he told Nate that he had to start another game. Really.

So. There’s weird stuff here in Illinois. And there’s no Sonic. But it’s ok. I’ll make it.


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The bus driver is taking his chances using a bunch of liberal arts college students as his helpline. Life on the edge.

Comment by Dad

Dear Frances,
Dear Frances! Your dad shared your blog site with me last night and I am so glad that he did. He told me about your awesome “Why I Create” piece but I decided that I needed to come up to speed on the blog before I watched it (cake before icing). Wow. “Wow” for the terrific blog (yes, I read every post) and “megawow” (sort of like megabus but not cheap) on the powerpoint. Your writing catches me two ways: you are insightful and you allow me insight on you. I will remain a faithful reader as I continue to pray for you in your college adventures.

Comment by Kim Vines

Who knew?? Casimir Pulaski?? In Florida we celebrate Dr. Seuss birthday and green eggs! Keep us
informed Frances. We love you.

Comment by Mom's Mom

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