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no kidding.
March 11, 2009, 11:26 am
Filed under: Chicago!

It’s been super windy the past few days. I’m not exaggerating. I’m not even being dramatic. It is truly noteworthy wind. And don’t even say, “You know it is the windy city, Frances.” Because I have totally compared averages with Wichita and Kansas owns by a few miles per hour. Last night we were looking at 35 mph gusts. Thank you.

Last night the torrential gusts (with the assistance of late-night Diet Coke consumption) kept me awake for a good hour and a half after I went to bed. I was tired! I longed for rest! But this blasting wind made constant noise until I finally plugged in my headphones and cranked up James Taylor. I’ve gotten pretty used to falling asleep with city noises, but we’re talking roaring wind. Our building doesn’t get any protection from taller buildings nearby, and it was just ridiculous.

Today I walked to class and it was painfully reminiscent of cross-parking lot treks last year. Literally. You know the kind where the wind is blowing bits of gravel and construction debris in your face and you wish you were wearing sunglasses or ski goggles or some make of helmet? Yes. That wind found me this morning on Wabash, discovered every weakness in my attire and exploited it. And I had no choice but to curse my ungloved hands and push forward with my head down. Thank goodness for peripheral vision or I would be decorating some taxi.

I’m about to head out for my 4 hour design lab (I am unable to speak of this class without stating and emphasizing its brutal length), and although I’d like to say that I’m about to suit up in my wind armor and brave the elements with some sort of plexiglass shield, I’m really just going to wear my slightly warmer coat, pull up my scarf, and for goodness’ sake, remember my gloves.


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We knew you were in Chicago for graphic arts but had never considered decorating a taxi. Keep up that peripheral vision.

Comment by Dad

Didn’t your mother tell you to wear your hat and mittens? I know that you have boots. The weather has been brutal and I’m glad I’m not in Chicago. Please take care of yourself, because we love you.

Comment by Grandma

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