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if you could have lunch with ANYONE in the world…
March 26, 2009, 8:43 pm
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You know that thing where people ask you if you could have lunch with anyone in the world, who would it be?
First, I always ask if they can be dead or if they have to be alive. Then I think about my options and consider who I would learn the most from. I mean, I could say Oprah. She’d probably give me a Pontiac Grand Am or maybe her favorite velour track suit. And we’d talk about her dog. And that would be nice. But what about having lunch with Eleanor Roosevelt? Or Vincent Van Gogh? I would ask him why he cut off his ear. Or perhaps Will Ferrell. I don’t know. It’s a hard question.

I did ask a few people. And apparently, my dad would like to eat halibut with David Limbaugh.
My mom thought Julia Roberts would be fun to get cupcakes with (Molly’s Cupcakes, what what!) because she seems so fun and happy on talk shows.

I’d like to open up the comment section for your opinions, but in the meantime, I’m going to wish my sweet Grandma Jack a happy birthday.
It’s a milestone birthday and in celebration, my mother and uncle arranged for Grandma to have lunch with Michael Waltrip!

Happy Birthday Grandma! You and a guest will enjoy lunch with your favorite Nascar driver on Monday, May 18 at the Red Rocks Cafe in Charlotte, North Carolina. (Grandpa promises he’ll get you there on time!)

Such an exciting gift! I was looking at the menu on their website (, and I thought the Chicken Saltimbocca, Southwestern Chicken Ravioli, and Bleu Cheese Filet Medallions sounded delicious. Just some suggestions Grandma (and Grandpa!).

Grandma's lunch date.

Grandma's lunch date.


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I’d also eat wahoo with Bill Jackson. Happy Birthday!

Comment by Dad

That sounds so fun, I think Scott and I shall join you all in Charlotte for a few days, so we can hear about lunch firsthand!
I love you, Mom!! Happy Birthday!

Comment by Mom

Since we cannot take you to lunch on your birthday we are so glad that Mikey can!! Can’t wait to see all of you!
Happy Birthday!!!
Love You!!
Brian & Donna

Comment by Uncle Brian and Aunt Donna

Have you had time to plan your “outfit” for lunch with Mikey? I don’t think it should be the red hat, but maybe “his” colors instead. This may call for a pre-lunch shopping trip! Hope you have a great day today. Love and Happy Birthday, Judy & Shu

Comment by Judy

Grandma and a guest? I wonder who the guest will be??? Happy Birthday Mom!!

Comment by Brian

Happy Birthday! I’ll bet Michael calls you for the next lunch. Just make sure he pays…

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

I guess we’ll see who Mom loves the best, by who she chooses to be her guest for lunch with Mikey! No pressure, Mom!

Comment by Mom


Thanks to all involved with this blog and making my birthday extra special, PLUS, lasting for two months!! I can hardly wait! Later, Love to you all. (I have things to do–such as think of questions for Mikey & shopping for the perfect outfit for the luncheon!!)
Grandma Jack

Comment by Mom's Mom

Did someone say shopping??? I am just a mere three hours away from Southpark and some have labeled me their personal shopper!!! Maybe Mom and I can come over too and take pictures with the paparazzi! Happy Birthday to a wonderful auntie! Does this mean you are the big 70? I am SO glad to have inherited your genes!!!

Comment by Tracie Blevins

That is so cool!. I think if i had to chose someone I would pick Andre Agassi. HOW COOL WOULD THAT BE!!!!

Comment by Nate

tiger woods, john mayer, will ferrell, frances macleod, ben stiller, ben folds. just to name a few…

Comment by Kyle Reynolds

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