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March 29, 2009, 9:05 pm
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I write from the all-too-familiar lightly upholstered cocoon of the Megabus. Weather conditions cancelled my ticket for last night, and after a tidy evening in Lawrence with some friends, I’m ready to return to Chicago. I was hoping to make it in this morning and extend my time in which to procrastinate, but I think the dear Lord in heaven created blizzards to remind us earthly folk that we’re not in control. So we’ll see how this trip pans out. So far I made it to the bus and found my seat and surrounding space with thirty minutes to spare. If we continue at this rate, this will be a traveling experience for the record books.
Angry Travel Gods: 17,492, Frances: 1

I took a legit break for spring break, and it was nice. The week really flew by. I was able to squeeze in lunch and dinner and coffee appointments with those I love, and it was nice to spend time with my family on our pretty new sofas. My school’s spring break is a week after the majority of the educational world, which was disappointing in that I didn’t get to see very much of my friends, but it was a blessing to relax with my family and squeeze in some shifts at the dear Amarillo Grill.

I feel like my real Spring Break was the week before during midterms (eee!). My sweet sisters visited me during their time off and we had a magical time. It’s been really fun personalizing Chicago tours, and I feel like the things my sisters experienced were the ones I would personally crave if I were visiting. We went to the Jewish neighborhood (where I bought Caroline’s Hebrew copy of Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban) and poked around in the delis and bakeries. We picked up the most delicious bagels I’ve ever consumed at Tel Aviv bakery, and on our way back to the el stop picked up some cheese from an Indian grocery store.

We love a good ethnic neighborhood.

We love a good ethnic neighborhood.

Um. Can I just say that for holding cows at such high regard, the Hindu’s cheese was seriously lacking. Anyway. That Tuesday was GLORIOUS. 70 degrees. Can you believe it? We walked around Grant Park and had Pizanos Pizza for dinner with my friends. Things were a bit tricky since I had class while they were here, but they went to Chinatown and UIC’s campus and Wicker Park and the library without me. I was really fortunate to have some freak circumstances in a few of my classes that allowed me to spend more time with them. Like Wednesday morning, my Humanities teacher had an allergic reaction to some herbal supplement (only art school) and let us leave after we watched a video on Avant Garde Chinese art. So we went to Molly’s Cupcakes for a mid morning snack.

We all ordered chocolate cupcakes. It's like we're related or something.

We all ordered chocolate cupcakes. It's like we're related or something.

Frameworthy. Print-quality images emailed upon request.

Frameworthy. Print-quality images emailed upon request.

My Thursday afternoon typography class was released extra early because my teacher booked his flight over classtime. Whoops. Our kind and generous parents bought us tickets to the Mary Poppins musical that night. It just opened in Chicago, and in the words of Caroline, “is full of Disney Magic.” That magic includes, but is not limited to, tap dancing on the roof, flying nannies, dancing statues, and a lot of confetti. I recommend it with all of my heart.

Special thanks for this lovely trip go out to Anne, Caroline, my mother and father, and the exceptional people who invented frozen yogurt.

I’d like to close this post with this incredible image. Only in Chicago. And only my sister.


That sticker reads "Let's impeach the poop out of Rod Blagojevich!"


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At the risk of getting a penalty card for statement of the obvious – what beautiful young women. Your father is in SUCH trouble! Plus it sounds like you have a wonderful time with each other. I’d love a personalized tour of Chicago. You sound like the perfect tour guide.

Comment by Aunt Holly

“my Humanities teacher had an allergic reaction to some herbal supplement and let us leave after we watched a video on Avant Garde Chinese art”

I laughed until I cried. This sums up the American college experience better than you know.

This is definitely going on my list of favorite quotes.

Right next to “Don’t fill up on cheesecake, they bring pizza at halftime.”

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

I’m so glad to have you back in Chicago. Does this mean that we have a chance of seeing you for Easter? I have really missed you.

Comment by Grandma

what a lovely trip! precious sisters, delicious cupcakes, lattes, and milk is practically perfection! i was sorry i missed you so i sure hope i get to see you this summer!

Comment by missy

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