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it’s 11:30 on a thursday night…
April 2, 2009, 10:53 pm
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do you know where your child is?

This one’s in her apartment making homemade oreos. Yes.

Amidst the turmoil that is our regular Thursday night (i.e. trashy television and occasional schoolwork. it’s the weekend, people), Roommate Megan looked up from her computer and said “I want Oreos.” For those of you who don’t know Megan, she’s insistent when it comes to cravings. But it’s raining outside and we don’t like spending money and we were lacking the desire to trek to Walgreens. So I googled homemade oreo. Some things are easier than you think.

We had all the ingredients, so we did it! We halved the recipe because it said it made 40 oreos. And we knew we’d eat all 40 oreos if we made all 40 oreos. Thus the halving. They don’t taste exactly like Oreos. But it was really simple! Go us.



Here’s the recipe (and a really fun blog): Oreo Cookies from Scratch

this is megan. I'm teaching her to use a kitchen.

this is megan. I'm teaching her to use a kitchen.

So. That was tonight. Tomorrow I have a meeting with my advisor (I think I have my schedule figured out for next semester) and then I’m headed to Runamuc for a few days.

Have the best weekend. It’s Palm Sunday!


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So happy I was able to help with the craving and that they worked out! Fun!

Comment by Stef

Seems like I know somebody else who would come up with a similar creative solution to an “unsolveable” dilema. You must be related to your mother.

Comment by Dad

You are amazing! I am going to try this recipe. You are definitely your mom’s daughter. Her homemade graham crackers are one of our favorites!

Comment by Jennifer Appleton

This amazing girl was in my kitchen this weekend. She is turning out to be quite the cook in the kitchen. I’m loving it.

Comment by Grandma

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