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post-Easter yakking.
April 14, 2009, 1:07 pm
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So this is my first time at Caribou Coffee. Lame, right? I’ve lived less than a block away for almost a year and this is the first time I’ve actually gone inside. Um, internet in the MacLeod/Koval household has been a bit of a brat lately, and I really needed to get some art history done. Unfortunately, Columbia’s magical website is rivaling our wireless internet for brat of the year and my online discussion is not going as planned. Anyway…..Caribou has some delightful cold press coffee. Five points for them on this dreary Tuesday. Someone deserves a pat on the back.

I had a wonderful Easter weekend. How about yours? Good. Good. Nate and I took two Norwegians and a Brit to church with us on Sunday (that sounds like a terrible start to an awful joke). They all play tennis with Nate. The only experience any of them had ever had with church was Catholic, and while I believe Catholicism has its place and the traditions are marvelous, blah blah blah, it’s not always the best way for Europeans to grasp the concept of God. So. We took them to our progressive and young little church and they marveled at the loud music and relateability (is that a word? I’m pretty sure I made it up). We talked about it a bit but not a lot, and that’s alright because we’re just planting seeds. Afterwards we went to Nate’s condo where I cooked a feast. Ha. Um it was pretty impressive, if I can brag for two seconds. I cooked a HAM, my favorite mashed potato recipe (It’s a beautiful marriage of potatoes, waay too much dairy and onions/garlic. I have made them three times in the past month for anyone who will eat them), a strawberry and feta salad, and crescent rolls. I included links so you all can recreate the magic at home. Ha. Ha. Regardless, they were all SO thankful for a home-cooked meal and ate a ton. One of the Norwegians apparently never gives out compliments and he told me it was great. I didn’t realize what a rarity that was until the other boys were like “I’ve played tennis with him for 8 months and he’s never told me good job.” Ok. Enough gloating.

In other news, I enter my final month of college freshman-ness tomorrow. One more month? What? How is that even possible? I registered for next semester’s classes last week. Tuesday through Thursdays again, thankyouverymuch. A Dairy Queen recently opened nearby (it was about time) and my friend Alison and I went for dip cones the other day and reminisced about the beginning of last year and it felt so long ago. It’s kind of difficult to explain but we were just kind of overwhelmed by the passing of time. How did it get to be mid April? Did we skip something?

Things to think about for this next week:

  1. My mom finishing up tax season and me missing out on the end-o-tax-season dinner. I’m kind of sad about that one. It’s one of my favorite meals of the year. It’s also the one time a year we order appetizers and dessert. That’s like the silver-back gorilla of MacLeod restaurant eating, people. A true sight to see.
  2. Me finding a summer job so I can make cash money to afford my education addiction. I’m such a learning junkie. Please leave (reasonable) suggestions in the comments section.
  3. Starting my Art History final paper. And my Humanities project. And resisting my urge to scrape out my eyeballs.
  4. Not eating so much candy. Thanks for the candy Mom. You’ve never showered me with this much Easter candy in my life. Also, Nate’s mom made really wonderful little Easter baskets for everyone. And Megan’s mom sent me a bag of candy. I have seriously never had this much candy in my possession in my life. And no one’s here to tell me “Just one piece after dinner, Frances.” Yeah. It was kind of disgusting yesterday.
  5. Fixing that broken internet so I can iChat and skype with my lovelies. Uncle Kenneth just got a new MacBook (bless his heart) and so did my dear friend Barrett Morgan (need a website anybody?). I also am behind on a couple weeks worth of The Office and would appreciate catching up in the comfort of my saggy couch. Thanks.
  6. Figuring out how to make my new blog header visible on PCs. It’s cute, I promise. I realize the type is a bit smaller on this layout. If you’re having trouble, you can hit the CTRL button on your computer (Command for all my Mac amigos) followed by the + button. That should increase the size. And if you really really hate it, please send me an anonymous email. I’ll consider it.

I think that about covers it. I apologize for the oddly mouthy tone of this post, if that makes you uncomfortable. The mood of this blog has jumped around a bit of late. I chalk that up to caffeine jitters and the fact that all that’s in my stomach is instant grits. Losers make excuses.


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We’ll miss you at dinner tomorrow night!!

Paula says that we’ll do a “school’s out” dinner when you and Caroline come home for the summer–complete with appetizers AND dessert!

Comment by Mom

Yeah, I loved that I could take agnostic friends to COW/Missio Dei and not feel too uncomfortable. On the other hand, my friend that grew up on the South Side and was African American, when I invited him I decided to just be really frank and say… look… it’s almost all white people, are you ok with that? He said it was cool. 🙂

Comment by Kacie

Just to bring Frances off of the hilltop she is on….I helped cook too! She wasnt the only one!!! haha. And I helped clean too. Now that we have that all straightened out, I hope everyone is GREAT!!!!!

Comment by Nate Kirk

mom didn’t give me any candy for easter. but anne and stephan and i sneak attacked the jelly bean jar and stole it from mom and dad right after they refilled it. i distracted them while anne snuck around from behind. it was awesome

Comment by Gordon

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