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NeceCITYs: the hot pocket/stuffed sandwich
May 9, 2009, 12:18 pm
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Scenario: Say you have a reasonably busy schedule. Say you only have 30 minutes, give or take, for lunch. Say you get aggravated thinking about making yourself a sandwich or a meal and you just want to microwave something so that 30 minute lunch can be as special as possible. Say you’re insanely cheap and cringe at the thought of spending $3 on sub-par Lean Cuisine. Say you like eating things that branch out beyond ham and cheese sandwiches. Say you like feeling like you’re being moderately healthy. Say you just looked over your lunch qualifications and realized that you are unrealistic and demanding.

Enter the Fit and Active stuffed sandwiches from Aldi. Bam. Wildest dreams fulfilled. The microwave in two minutes on a plate. The bread part is tasty and chewy (in a good way). They cost something absurdly cheap like $1.59 for two. You can buy six boxes of them at a time and look like a FREAK but it’s Aldi so the cashier won’t even judge you. And then when you get home you can open all the boxes to take up less space in your freezer. And they come in reasonably exotic flavors. There’s the turkey and broccoli one, and then another one, and then my personal favorite, the Southwest Veggie. It’s nicely seasoned and has pepperjack cheese and black beans and rice and nice vegetables. And since it’s labeled vegetarian you can feel really good about yourself, even though anything without meat is vegetarian, including heavy whipping cream, fried mozzarella cheese sticks, and twinkies…there’s something beautiful about the words “vegetarian” and “fit & active” in marketing your products. I eat that stuff up. Anyway. I’ll eat about three of these babies a week and every time I feel like I’m some sort of classy lady-who-lunches. It’s very fulfilling. Emotionally and physically.

Are you convinced? Are you hungry? Are you headed to your nearest Aldi as we speak? If not, no worries. Aldi isn’t paying me a single stuffed sandwich for this shameless plugging, and I understand if you’re one of those people that is really beyond the idea of Hot Pockets. Don’t worry. Someday I will be too.

In other news….I made some wonderful “future hair professional” from the Paul Mitchell school’s day by asking her to chop off my hair. She was really excited to give me my “new look.” How do I know? She told me at least three times. I generally hate haircuts. The whole process is just a little lengthy and they cost a lot and usually the person cutting your hair reminds you a few times that you could prevent all this breakage by cutting your hair more often. Yes, I know, but I really am not interested in dropping $35 every six weeks. Which is why I usually get my hair cut two to three times a year. Which is probably why I hate getting it cut. Because of the nagging. Oh, it is a vicious circle. Anyway. I scheduled myself an appointment at the Paul Mitchell school under Nate’s dorm and got a sassy haircut for $20 even. Which is a good deal. And the girl who gave me a scalp massage and cut my hair told me how to defeat my three (3) cowlics when I blow dry. It’s probably an inch shorter than what I would have ideally liked, but it’s going to grow anyway, so what’s the worry. It is really short. But I like it, and that’s what matters, right? Right?

the one on the left is me before. my expression reads "how the heck did my hair get so long?!" the one on the right is me after. clearly.

the one on the left is me before. my expression reads "how the heck did my hair get so long?!" the one on the right is me after. clearly.


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You look great. I am going home tomorrow! Tell everyone in Wisconsin hi for me! I am excited to see them when I come back! I hope you have a blast the next few weeks and I will see you soon!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Nate

I have seen your haircut and I think it is very classy. It really looks better than the picture. It is so you!

Comment by Grandma

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