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May 10, 2009, 9:30 am
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I love my mother. I think she is the best. You likely feel the same way about your mother. I can understand that. But if you’ve met my mother, you know why I think my mother is so stinking fabulous. You probably think my mother is stinking fabulous. She is. I could go on and on and on about how great my mom is, and probably at some point I will, but that doesn’t prove that I love my mom any more or less than I already do. She’s my best friend (and I’m not just saying that), my biggest cheerleader, my Dear Abby/Miss Manners, she’s classy and street smart and spoils me in the best ways. I love her to death, I miss her like crazy, and less than two weeks from today we will be reunited again. Oh the glory of that day. Hopefully we will share a love-it sized Mud-Pie Mojo from Coldstone.

In addition to having a truly spectacular mother, I have grown up surrounded by strong and lovely women. The women who have mothered my parents: Grandma Mac, Grandma Jack, and Grandma Lentell. My great aunts. My aunts. My friends’ moms. My mom’s friends. There are so many girls out there in the world hurting for a positive female role-model and I seem to have hogged them all to myself. You all are the best. Really. I just wish I could give you all hugs. Hugs! I give each and every one of you mother-people who are reading permission to go to Coldstone. On my behalf. I said so.


my hot momma


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Wow. Thank you, Frances! CAN’T WAIT to share that Mud Pie Mojo with you! See you in 2 weeks!! I love you!

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