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ok another recipe for success…
May 12, 2009, 9:25 pm
Filed under: kitchen mischief

give me a break. it’s finals. I have humanities work to be doing. Why would I be focusing? I worked hard all day long. ALL DAY. I got up at 8:00. And that is early for me. So let’s talk about how innovative my dinner was.

  1. take a slice of whole grain bread. I used Ezekiel 4:9 bread. Why? Because it was at Trader Joe’s and it has extra protein and blah blah blah it has a Biblical title. You feel special eating $4 a loaf holy bread. Isn’t that reason enough? Anyway.
  2. Put some plain yogurt on it. Yes. Plain. The greek style kind with no flavoring. Just tart and tangy yogurt.
  3. Put a spoonful of whatever kind of jelly/jam you have lying around on top and squish it around with your spoon.
  4. Consume.

It’s sour and it’s sweet and it’s fruit and it’s dairy and it’s protein and you better not knock it till you try it.

And maybe me keeping more or less a food diary of how clever I am is getting old, but nobody’s telling me to stop.

Ok. Back to work. Thankyouandgoodnight.

P.S. Art History = FINISHED. Possibly forever. We’ll see. And the final went fine. I say B-ish? Relief.


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Thanks for the lunch tip. I was wondering what I was going to feed Kenneth for lunch.

Comment by Grandma

Would you PLEASE post something tomorrow about eating a lobster?

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

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