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May 15, 2009, 5:50 pm
Filed under: Chicago!
  1. School is COMPLETED. I made it through finals week alive (but just barely). My work ethic was out of control. I’m so amazed at what I can accomplish when I have to. I don’t know. I guess it’s good to know how far I can push my limits. I’m thinking of giving you individual class reviews, and with all this free time, it’s a good possibility.
  2. I am moved out of my Columbia apartment! I’m now residing temporarily at the apartment I’ll live in next year. Our lease started May 1 so after subleasing my portion, I started moving some stuff over. It’s a wonderful setup because it’s less than three blocks from our old building (so still really close to campus) and I can leave a bunch of things here when I go home for the summer. So I don’t need to lug a toaster oven or bedding or kitchen stuff back because it’s already moved in! I packed and moved everything ALL BY MYSELF which was one of those awful things that really made me want to turn in my big-girl card. But it’s part of life, and this year has been a lot about learning to accept and meet challenges by myself. And by “by myself,” I mean “while I’m on the phone with my mom.” Thanks so much, Mom. I couldn’t have made it through this week without you.
  3. Also fantastic about this apartment: a sturdy wireless internet connection. Finally. I caught up on The Office today and I’m really enjoying watching pages load really fast, using my iChat, and the like. If anyone would like a tour of the new apartment, please email me your requests and we can set up a time in the next few days to Skype as I walk around the apartment with my computer. I probably won’t post pictures of the new place until next fall, so take advantage while you can. I’ll be leaving Wednesday-ish to join my dear cousin Nathan and his mischievous father on a road trip to Alexandria, Minnesota (by way of Wisconsin), where I will be reunited with my family and Nathan will be marrying Jenn. So I’ll go home from there.
  4. This is the weekend my parents and Grandma + Grandpa Jack are in Charlotte, NC for Grandma’s birthday lunch with Michael Waltrip. I’m really excited for Grandma to eat lunch with a celebrity (Ask him how he deals with his fame, Grandma), but I’m also thankful for the time Grandma gets to spend with her children and their spouses. Special weekend for sure.

Um. That should be all for today. I don’t have any mind-boggling recipes, but I would like to share the advertisement I created for my 3D design final project. We had to create a useless and ridiculous invention. So I made portable silverware that could be attached to any appendage. It’s useless, ok?

I think if you click on it it may be easier to read.

I think if you click on it it may be easier to read.


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    I don’t think it will sell, but don’t be discouraged.

    Comment by Grandma

    grandma! what a dream-crusher!

    Comment by francesblank

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