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I’m on the honor system.
June 11, 2009, 3:58 pm
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Technically, I’m at work. But in reality, I am at Panera.
I’m working for Barrett Morgan Design LLC this summer. As an official office minion. I do work that Barry is too busy to do himself. We are doing each other favors: he is giving me a job, and I am giving him the time he needs to do really important work. Two-way street, eh? It’s great. The best job I could dream up in my itty bitty skull. I go in late. I take leisurely lunches. I help make things look pretty. I hang out on facebook (it’s work! I promise!). And I help keep Barry on his A-game. It’s perfect.
So this afternoon Barry has a client meeting (we haven’t discussed business confidentiality so I’ll just keep this one a secret) and I was meeting a friend for lunch at Panera. So he locked up the office and I moved my computer to this high-top table at Panera and have been plugging away ever since. Well. Not now. But I’ll subtract this from the time sheet.

Panera Observations:

  1. Paninis are the greatest. No one should ever eat unmelty cheese sandwiches.
  2. $4 is a lot for frozen lemonade. I am not impressed.
  3. That employee just walked by and asked me if I was “still here” again. Clearly. I am.
  4. Panera let me plug my charger into the wall. SCORE.

Anyway. You are here so we can talk about life. Like that fabulous trip my family took to Minnesota. You want to hear about that, don’t you?

So: we went to Alexandria, Minnesota for Nathan and Jenn’s wedding. It was precious. And our family was out in full force (i.e. bright yellow tshirts) and it was absurd. But we had the most lovely time. Alexandria is a delightful town. They have a downtown area with fun stores specializing in things like Scandinavian housewares and used books. And lots of antiques. They also have a giant viking in a scandalous skirt. Minnesota is kind of what I imagine Canada to be like. America, but a little weirder. Prairie Home Companion doesn’t lie.

us with Big Olie. yay tourists.

us with Big Olie. yay tourists.

Apparently Alexandria is where America was birthed. The Vikings took the Saint Lawrence seaway and blah blah blah pillaged and blah blah established a town….and there’s a museum and I didn’t read the pamphlets. But we had a lot of fun. Minnesota was blooming and the crowds were in for Memorial Day weekend. It was lovely.

this entire day would have been a lot more exciting if Anne had pushed Gordon into the lake.

this entire day would have been a lot more exciting if Anne had pushed Gordon into the lake.

The rehearsal dinner was held at the “Corral Supper Club and Saloon”. We ordered our Camp Runamuc shirts for this summer early so we could all wear them at the wedding. The Corral was kind of overwhelmed by MacLeods in bright yellow shirts. The Corral does a special promotion where you get a free tshirt if you swallow a live minnow. So, as you would expect, roughly ten family members went to the bar and got their tshirts. And of course the rest of us followed to watch. The bar was separate from our banquet room, so when we filed into the bar it caused quite a scene.

this is the groom shooting the minnow.

this is the groom shooting the minnow.

All of our tshirts said Camp Runamuc on the front and had staff positions on the back (a la “Incinerator”, “Voice of Reason”, “Fire Marshall”, etc). Of course we all know what “Camp Runamuc” means, but for all these poor locals knew we were some crazy camp counselors out for the night. We went back and forth between the bar and the banquet room as various cousins gained the courage to swallow live little fishies, and at one point we were crowded around the bar and fish tank. One of the bar regulars called out the name on the back of my shirt (Bloggerjack. Ha. Ha.) and when I turned around he said, “Tell the other campers to pipe down! The counselors are watching!” I looked where he was pointing and saw Grandma and my mom standing in the doorway to the bar. Thank goodness they were ok with our shenanigans.

in the Alexandria Walmart.

in the Alexandria Walmart.

After the rehearsal dinner we went to Culvers (conveniently located across from our hotel) and then on to Walmart where we had some rollicking good cousin time. We kept things…mostly under control.

drive it like you stole it.

drive it like you stole it.

the danger of walmart is that it's just so cheap. you can end up with a lot of things you don't need. like giant gumballs. and nerf launchers.

the danger of walmart is that it's just so cheap. you can end up with a lot of things you don't need. like giant gumballs. and nerf launchers.

The next day, Nate and Jenn were married! Yayaya. I stole this one picture from Nathan. Shhh. I’m sure there will be more pictures later, but we didn’t take any since we were so busy dancing/decorating the getaway car.

look closely and you will see a kilt.

look closely and you will see a kilt.

Twas a truly lovely and enjoyable weekend. Family is GREAT.

So. Now we’ve got Friday and it’ll be the weekend!

My birthday’s on it’s way. It’s not even a big one but for some reason I’m really excited.

Also. Check out mah sista sista Caroline’s sweet blog here. You can read about her adventures and just revel in her awesomeness. That was not sarcasm. That was real love.

ok that’s all.


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I also took a visit to Panera yesterday with my friend Emily. Did you notice the “My Passion Is..” below the name on their name tags? Because if not, look again next time.

Def worth a spot on the Panera Observations list.

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