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June 17, 2009, 4:47 pm
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the excitement that follows the origination of a project.
I talked to one of my roommates this morning (on iChat, natch. Figured that mystery out myself on Apple Support) about various things, including the decor of our apartment. It’s a beautifully decorated apartment that came together very quickly, but our guest bathroom is still a little neglected. So we were discussing possibilities to enliven things and a grand art idea was born. I’ve spent the rest of the afternoon dreaming up potential solutions, things I want to incorporate,  color schemes, materials, etc. It’s out of control.

One reason I love creating so much is the buzz I get when I have a new idea for a project. It’s that feeling of possibility that just overwhelms everything.

So. I’m excited. Get back to me in a week or two or maybe six and that bathroom will house a fabulous and site-specific piece of work. Woo.


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YAY Bathrooms!

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