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Is it weird
June 26, 2009, 5:14 pm
Filed under: Crazy humans.

that I just want to sit at the dining room and practice my handwriting all weekend long? I came across this website last night and have spent perhaps too long clicking through the digital archive of early 20th century signatures. You can even print out worksheets! Also I dug my 6th grade calligraphy ink out from under my bed last night. I smell a mess ahead.

My parents are taking my dog and driving to Wisconsin to retrieve Anne tomorrow. So I’m all on my own…scary stuff. Somehow staying all by myself in my own home for a few days is way more intimidating than living by myself in a strange city for nine months. Weird the ways I psyche myself out.

Since this is short and sucky, be sure to go read Caroline’s Israel adventures here. She is hilarious and great and you will love it, I promise.

Enjoy the weekend, and thanks for tolerating my absence. You’re the best. I mean that.


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I suppose I shouldn’t tell you about this place: If you go into the shop in the Grand Avenue Mall they let you “test drive” any pen you want. It is the second generation running the shop from the same location and they really know their stuff. Plus they have yummy colors of ink!!

Comment by Aunt Holly

this is anne. Gracie is not your dog

Comment by Grandma

That is too funny!!! Gracie is not your dog!!! Made me smile. Who takes ownership of your crazy cat? You could write some stories of how your cat growls and does not like people!

Comment by Jessica Lentell

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