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mid-July rambling
July 16, 2009, 6:55 am
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Ok so that last post was weak sauce. Truly. And I apologize. But I really am still obsessed with vintage travel posters. I was working on a project (tell y’about it later?) that involved a lot of travel poster perusing.



The internet is full of all kinds of delightful surprises. Sometimes these wonderful surprises lead to hour-long productivity detours…I click away anyway. Did you know the Library of Congress has a flickr account? Sooo many pictures, but my browsing came to a halt with this one:

Union Station in Chicago

Union Station in Chicago

Certainly lovely. I’ll be back in my Chicago home in less than a month. Hopefully Union Station will look one tenth this  glamorous on my return.

Other recent obsessions:

  • Sonic, America’s Drive-In. Specifically the orange-raspberry cream slush. It’s a good idea (Thanks Kyle Bear). Try it. Or get a cherry limeade with cranberry. It’s impossible to lose at Sonic.
  • Swapping music with my dad. Stevie Wonder, random disco, and small amounts of John Denver have been wonderful.
  • Also, driving with my iPod. I just located the connecting chord and it has revolutionized my driving, especially in my mom’s car with the lovely sound system.
  • Practicing my handwriting. All the time.
  • Iced Coffee, furthered even more (if possible) by your responses. Dad and I spent Sunday afternoon adjusting the recipe for optimal performance (not a lot to report, but boy did we try hard) and I’ve heard directly from three people who have tried it out (that doesn’t sound like so many right now…drat). Will this make an appearance at Camp Runamuc? We’ll just have to see.

In news not directly related to me, my good friend Jeff has had a really exciting summer in studying acting in New York City. He’s got a snazzy and detailed blog you can check out here, but the most exciting part is that Jeff has been offered a scholarship to study there full time and will move to New York City in August. Crazy exciting! Congratulations Jeffy.

One last thing: my portfolio website has been updated. There are a couple of school projects I still need to add, but there’s lots of new stuff. Check it!


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I have missed you. Your iced coffee is super-great, but I’m going to have to find something bigger to make it in for Camp Runamuc. I’ll be so happy to have you closer to Camp. Did I tell you that I miss you?

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