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August 11, 2009, 8:04 pm
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I know what you’re saying.
“So soon Frances? We’re still reeling from the wonder of yesterday’s post! This is too much too fast! Soon our minds will be like those malnourished victims of great tragedies that gorge themselves after a long famine and experience great discomfort and even death because of their gluttony! Frances! Please don’t turn us into gluttonous readers!”
Fret not. I won’t overload you with unnecessary junk content. We shall keep this one short and full of pictures. Like portion control.

I wanted to announce that my bed arrived. Due largely to the fervent prayer of my mother and Grandma Mac and maybe even people I don’t know, my bed was delivered directly to my apartment doorstep Monday afternoon. Despite some initial frustrations, I was able to set up the frame, mattress, and dust ruffle (!) in under 30 minutes. No tools needed. The mattress is memory foam and was vaccuum packed, and I wish you all could have seen how cool it was when it expanded. All the pieces came packed in one box, and Sam’s even threw in an under-bed storage container. We will not soon forget Sam’s Club in our furniture pursuits.

All the pieces assembled!

All the pieces assembled!

After making the bed, I was able to settle into my space pretty quickly. Everything is now in its place, including me, and it feels pretty wonderful.

Left: Of course I added my down pillow-top mattress cover to the luxurious memory foam. Of course. Right: All made up!

Left: Of course I added my down pillow-top mattress cover to the luxurious memory foam. Of course. Right: All made up!

The mattress itself is SO comfortable. I didn’t move at all last night, and I usually turn a bit. It’s like a gigantic doggy bed. I’m more spoiled than Gracie now!

All settled!

All settled!

Today I began the process of applying for on-campus jobs. It’s a boring story, but that will continue tomorrow morning in the office of Student Financial Services. So fun. I met up with my sweet friend Alison this afternoon and we got sushi and went to the library and got lots of books. After I got home we threw open the windows and we’re now enjoying the cool summer breeze and street sounds.

Lovely. All so lovely.


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