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August 14, 2009, 11:05 am
Filed under: Chicago!

Today is Friday and at the same time, not Friday. It turns out that eliminating work and friends from home and commitments in general causes you to frequently/occasionally forget what day it is. So even though it is Friday and the gateway to the weekend, it could very well be Monday or Wednesday and I would feel exactly the same way. Aren’t vacations wonderful?

In exciting news, I have a job interview today! The Space Manager (what a silly title) at the Office of Campus Environment emailed me about my application/resume and we’re going to have a nice little chat this afternoon. I submitted three other applications, so we’ll see how this goes. I felt SO accomplished on Wednesday afternoon after waiting patiently and then sorting through financial crap and submitting four applications. So accomplished, in fact, that I spent much of yesterday lounging. Is there another word I can use there? Lounging sounds sleazy.

In spite of my lounging, I was able to make a nice little birthday display for my roommate Megan, whose birthday is today. If this were a craftsy-type blog I would show close up pictures and tell you how easy it was and what materials I used, but this is not and so here is a crappy camera phone picture.

Do not mind our mismatched woods, we are soon to paint the entry way mirror frame a sunny mimosa yellow.

Do not mind our mismatched woods, we are soon to paint the entry way mirror frame a sunny mimosa yellow.

The little bunch of flowers are from my neighborhood floral shop. I considered trekking to Aldi for their large $3-4 bouquets, but instead supported a locally owned business. Or, just ran out of time.

Woohoo. Have a lovely Friday.


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I’ll by praying for that job. Love you.

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