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August 20, 2009, 11:57 am
Filed under: Chicago!

Things are very good. Let’s talk about exciting things that happened, from mildly exciting to very exciting. I could start with most exciting, but then the flakes would stop reading because they got the information they needed. Not today, flakes. I’ve got you hooked.

  1. I visited my friend Alison in her new neighborhood of Andersonville. Technically, she’s lived there since April 15, but she just returned from her summer at home, so it’s new, ok? The majority of students at my school move off campus after their first year because on-campus housing is expensive. Chicago housing gets cheaper (and oftentimes a little sketchier) the further you get from downtown. Alison and her roomates are renting an apartment a 45-minute ride from school. It’s a long way, but they have a very spacious apartment with very pretty hardwood floors in a quiet area for a really great price. Also, their landlord will be the official gardener of the 2016 Olympics if Chicago gets the bid (fun fact). So anyway, I went out visit and we perused the neighborhood. There was a store that called itself “antique” (read, overpriced garage sale) and seemed to be obsessed with tartans. They had really great wool MacLeod tartan blankets for lots $50. What a steal (not)! Alison and I ate dinner at a restaurant whose name escapes me, but the burgers were HUGE.
    see. HALF the size of my face.

    see. HALF the size of my face.

    I saved half for dinner the next day which made me feel a lot better about spending $10 on a freaking hamburger.

  2. We painted the mirror in our pseudo-entryway. The color may look a little abrupt in the photo, but we have similar yellows in some of the art on our walls. It’s a nice sunny “HELLO” every time you walk into the room.


  3. Nate came back! We had Pizanos pizza for dinner last night. It was sooo good. Tonight we are going to dinner and Second City tonight (it’s my birthday present!).
  4. I got a job!! This is the most exciting. I’ve heard back from 3 of the 4 jobs I applied for, and I got the job I had the interview for last Friday! I’ll start working on August 30 in the Office of Campus Environment. It’s such a relief to have a job nailed down. It’s very easy for me to take employment for granted, but I know I’m very fortunate to have a stable job, especially in the current economic climate. So thank you so much for your prayers. I’m so excited!

See? Things are very good.


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Nice burger. Don’t let Caroline see that thing! She likes big hamburgers, but Kosher. Enjoy the show.

Comment by Dad

I find the yellow mirror completely disorienting. The color must be too abrupt.

I think I could live with it if you get me one of those burgers when I come to visit.

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

Go to Scotland to get your tartan blankets. It is much more fun.

Comment by Grandma

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