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August 23, 2009, 5:53 pm
Filed under: Chicago!

I am on a perpetual quest to spend as little money as possible (literally, I wake up each morning and think “How can I not spend any money at all today?”) and this sometimes translates into me eating cereal for lunch and spaghetti-o’s for dinner. On other days I am more ambitious and motivated to make use of the delights in my kitchen. Like today, for instance. I got home from church very hungry and painfully aware of the presence of rotting food in my refrigerator. 3 egg yolks, a quarter of a wilting bell pepper, and half a red onion. Obviously, there are more edible items approaching expiration, but for the sake of this anecdote, you only need to know about some of them. As fate would have it, some nice Chinese man was handing out menus for his restaurant located inconveniently 14 blocks south of here. I was delighted to see that their prices were mostly under $5, but since the Chicago Transit Authority is draining my wallet of cash anytime I want to go anywhere, I decided against a frivolous lunch. BUT THEN I remembered all that food in my fridge and the really tasty fried rice recipe I came across last year and resolved that today I would have the best of both worlds.

And I succeeded.

oh em gee.

oh em gee.

I realize that it looks pretty un-fabulous right there, but if you could taste it or smell it you’d be really proud of me.

Since this blog is really just a glorified food diary, I shall fill you in on some of the tasty things I have eaten this week.

  • deep dish sausage pizza from Pizano’s on Wednesday evening
  • angel hair with shrimp and pesto at Trattoria Roma before Second City on Thursday night (which was a very very very good time)
  • David made some DELICIOUS tortellini with a tomato cream sauce just for kicks Friday afternoon
  • fettuccine baked in a Gorgonzola cream sauce at Tuscany Friday evening. um it was sooo good.

Nate’s parents departed Saturday morning along with our luxurious eating patterns. So it’s back to the real world, hence the exotic fried rice.

This afternoon I got my bangs trimmed and enjoyed a nice walk down Michigan Avenue. The tourists are trying to cram in some final back to school shopping, and the people-watching is superb.


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I am thinking that you are truly enjoying life and I approve.

Comment by Grandma

I love it Fran. I’m going to be on the same track when I get to NYC. Hope your doing well friend.

Comment by jdizz15

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