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September 1, 2009, 12:00 pm
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It’s been an exciting few days! So exciting and jam-packed, even, that I am truly relishing this Tuesday morning in my jammies with Law & Order. Oh, the glory of it all.

Friday evening consisted of three wonderful and wholesome things: Chipotle, Coldstone Creamery, and Nate. On Saturday I went with my friend Alison to the Bucktown Arts Festival, which was well and good, but really just another art festival with tents full of over-priced photography and kitschy paintings. Afterward, we found a 24-hour Mexican restaurant with some delicious and well-priced food (side note: it was 2 in the afternoon). I guess if I’m ever really hungry for an authentic gordita at 3 a.m. and up for a thirty minute train ride, I’ve got it figured out. I met up with Nate and his Intervarsity friends for dinner in Chinatown. They’d spent the day at the beach and were all pretty tired, but we had a nice old time at 7 Treasures, which has some phenomenal lemonade but gives terrible refills. You can’t win them all.

We went to the Maxwell Street Market after church on Sunday with my roommate Lauren and her boyfriend (who recently transferred to UIC). Oh, how I have missed the sights and smells of Sunday afternoons on Desplaines. I had my second amazing gordita of the weekend (I really should stop) and we perused through all of the usual flea-market booths. I was excited to get some cheap produce. Last year I got four pineapple for $5, which was my crowning glory. Fresh pineapple is sooo good, and a lot of times people will be selling slightly over-ripe fruit for amazing prices. On our way out of the market, I stopped to ask a man how much just one pineapple would cost. He had a sign that advertised 3 pineapples for $5, but Lord knows I don’t actually need three whole pineapples, so I thought I’d inquire. This exchange turned into him offering me a whole BOX of pineapple for $5. He saw my friends standing behind me and was like, “Well you can share these with your friends!” I don’t know what I was thinking, but I just said, “Yeah! Absolutely!”

So I bought 7 pineapples on Sunday. What the heck. Nate was a champ and carried them back to his place, which wasn’t more than a ten minute walk. Such a ridiculous purchase.

Such a helpful gem.

Bless his heart.

yes. seven full-sized pineapples.

yes. seven full-sized pineapples came in this box.

After we got back to Nate’s, we divvied out the pineapple. I am a pineapple cutting PRO. Needless to say, it was a very successful Sunday, even if my tongue is a bit torn up from eating all that pineapple. There are still three in my kitchen, so if you have any ideas, just holler.

Yesterday (Monday) I had orientation for my job on campus. I learned all about the software and filled out my tax forms and hammered down my schedule (MWF 9-5!). I’ll start for real tomorrow, bright and early. Afterward, Megan, Alison and I went to our favorite (ha) thrift store for half-priced Mondays. I used my manners and elbows and only spent $6.

I’m going to Runamuc this weekend! AAAAA! I’m looking forward to Grandma, frozen custard, and cheese. In that order.


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Comment by reynoldskd

I had better go and buy some cheese. Glad you warned me. Love you and will see the two of you very soon.

Comment by Grandma

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