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September 15, 2009, 6:44 pm
Filed under: kitchen mischief

Today I poached two eggs and ate them for lunch. That’s what normal people do, right? Sit in a classroom yakking about the public’s perception of Bill Clinton for two hours (thank you, intro to PR), and then make breakfast for lunch? In the midst of my instructor’s candid explanation of the impeachment process (my parents did a fantastic job of shielding me from the Monica Lewinsky debacle), I became suddenly aware of my desire to eat eggs for lunch. My mom has always poached eggs with an egg poacher or whatever its name is, and I’d never heard (or seen) eggs poached in simmering water until Grandma and Nate and I saw Julie & Julia. They made it look unnecessarily difficult but reasonably intriguing, and so, once our Clinton chat was finished, I headed home to try my hand.

I don’t have anything really to say about the process beyond that it looked super cool when you put the egg in the water. It was lotso fun to watch the whites solidify and feel like I was accomplishing something monumental. I slid (is there really any other verb for poached eggs) my little gems on two pieces of toast and ate them right up, pretending I was Julia Child/Julie Powell.


Then I proceeded on with the rest of my day with a full belly and a sense of dexterity.

Though not directly related to the poaching of eggs, I’m pleased to announce that the second week of school has so far made the whole semester look a lot more realistic. I was able to complete a large amount of homework yesterday (on the job!!), and things are starting to flow. It’s a good feeling.


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Glad you liked the eggs. Just this week I decided to do some poached eggs on toast. Haven’t done that in years.

Your Grandpa was the one that taught me to cook eggs, so I often think about him when I’m making breakfast. He was most famous for the Sunday evening omelets I suppose, but he taught me to make eggs of all kinds. I guess he had one up on Julia Childs: He made it look easy.

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

I grew up eating poached eggs on toast. My mother taught me the Julia Child way. We didn’t have any egg poachers back then. Glad your schedule is smoothing out.

Comment by Grandma

You’re my egg poaching hero. And it’s so great to learn that you’re feeling the flow already this semester. It’s all you, girl. You’re that good.

Comment by Jenni

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