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Six(completely unrelated) Points for your Monday:
September 21, 2009, 11:00 am
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  1. There’s not much sadder than watching a little man chase after the bus when the bus driver doesn’t stop. It’s Monday, Mr. Busdriver. Give the poor man a break.
  2. This morning I went to Caribou Coffee because they have a $2 Iced Coffee deal for Mondays. $2 is still excessive when you can do it yourself, but it’s noticeably cheaper. Plus they have cream there and I don’t have that at my house. Anyway they have a question on a blackboard that if you answer correctly will give you 10 cents off your coffee. Today it was “Who composed Rhapsody in Blue?” I was so excited that I knew and I told the girl working and we delighted over my good fortune. And then she didn’t deduct ten cents from my total. What the heck. I had a minor internal conflict right then and there, “Should I demand my ten cents back? Isn’t this really petty? They already gave me a gigantic iced coffee for $2. This is a good deal. But I want my ten cents back!” And then I poured some half and half in my coffee and walked to work. They can keep my ten cents.
  3. Boys will like you if you make them this chicken. Or, if you are a male reader, I’m sure you could impress the ladies with this chicken as well. It is tasty. Probably because it has “Sour Cream” in the title. 
  4. I spent too much of my Sunday afternoon hand-rendering lemon zesters. I’m so over lemon-zesters that I’m not even interested in explaining to you the nature of the project. Let’s just say that I was able to catch up on ALL of my neglected TV watching (GLEE! THE OFFICE! PROJECT RUNWAY! COMMUNITY (not so hot)!) plus three episodes of the Law & Order marathon. I might have Sharpie poisoning.
  5. I made a pact with myself this week to no longer wear cheap (albeit cute) and crappy shoes. So long, Target. I only get two feet and I’m tired of abusing them and getting lotso blisters. So I decided to save up my pennies and only buy shoes that are comfortable and well made and will last a long time. If you have any recommendations or would like to donate to the cause, please direct yourself to the comment portion, thankyouverymuch.
  6. On Thursday I went to a Bible study through our church, Misseo Dei. It’s a women’s study and they’re going through Esther & Ruth. My friend Brittany and I missed Esther, but we’ll join in for Ruth. Everyone was really friendly and great. My kind of people. Thursday night is the night that all the good shows are on TV, but this is worth the sacrifice. Modern technology makes it not as big of a sacrifice, but still. Wow. You people probably think I’m a slave to the television. I’m not. I’m a slave to the internet. Ha ha. Just kidding. But seriously. Regardless of my respective slaveries, I’m really excited about getting more involved with the lovely people at our church.
Alright. That’s it. Go forth and make this a magical Monday.

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so Frances I am having similar problems. Thursday night offers the wonders of The Office, 30 Rock, Community (i will give it one more week), well that is really all for me but still a great lineup. I am sure there are other wonderful shows I am missing (if so tell me). My problem is all on campus ministries meet thursdays during this amazing television. Thank God for Hulu. I couldn’t miss The Office premiere last week so I skipped the on campus group I was going to try out. I felt bad but still. Also, I have found a new love of How I met Your Mother which runs on the same station and night as The Big Bang Theory (Mondays). Oh television. It distracts yet entertains. We should compare sometime and you should introduce me to the wonderful shows I am missing. I just wrote a ridiculously long comment. My apologizes but I really connected with you on this post.

Miss You,

P.S. We have Caribou Coffee in our union at K-State and I never get it nor do I really go to the union but I just thought it was funny. I should look into the deals on mondays maybe…

Comment by reynoldskd

I’m shocked that you didn’t get your 10 cents off the coffee. What a bummer!

Comment by Grandma

I have been reading your blog and it is fun to read. Point number 2 is my favorite. Ten cents is presh nowadays so next time you demand that money back. how dare she not remember. I mean with 10 cents you can get a piece of bubblegum from quicktrip…. I mean you know how essential it is to have gum! haha. Well have a great week!!

Comment by Tyler Cobb

[…] Six(completely unrelated) Points for your Monday: […]

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