frances in the city

October 9, 2009, 1:44 pm
Filed under: Chicago!, Family

that make drizzly/dreary days like today a lot more tolerable:

  • shiny rainboots, a pretty trenchcoat,  and a sturdy umbrella all bought by people who love me.
  • James Taylor
  • soup and hot coffee for lunch
  • TV catch-up this evening
  • they’re finally planting trees in the park across the street…hopefully it’ll be finished soon!
  • the knowledge that MY DAD IS COMING TO PLAY THIS WEEKEND!

I’m super excited. I’m bringing my camera. I haven’t eaten in three days in preperation for our food explorations (joke). I bought some sweet new comfortable walking shoes (more on this later) in preparation for our touristy marathon.

I can’t wait. Dad hurry up and get here!


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It is a drizzly dreary day. I’m having a cup of tea in front of my fireplace. Have a great weekend and give my love to your dad.

Comment by Grandma

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