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October 30, 2009, 3:01 pm
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 I still have yet to comprehend how it is possible for the wind to blow gusts from three directions simultaneously. It just doesn’t make sense. I also don’t understand how this phenomenon seems to affect only me. I pass dozens of people on the street every morning who apparently are not targeted by this indecisive wind. Their hair is perfectly in place. Their umbrellas are not turned inside out. Their scarves are tucked neatly inside the collars of their coats. I kind of want to ask how they are not experiencing the same weather that I am. I also want to shave my head so I don’t have to experience this hair chaos on a daily basis.


This week has kind of zipped on by. I’m off to Wisconsin for the weekend. People keep asking what my halloween plans are, and it is a true joy to say, “I’m going to Wisconsin to hang out with my grandma!” It should be noted that the majority of people are genuinely jealous. Halloween is way over-hyped.

I had a super-fantastic Wednesday. I’ve been getting more involved with the student design group on campus, and one of the members had a connection at Threadless. I don’t know how much you all know about the company, but it’s an online community-based tshirt printing company that’s a pretty big deal to people my age all over the world. Anyone can submit designs, and then people vote to see what gets printed and sold. Their (only) offices are located northwest of downtown, so I skipped most of work on Wednesday, and we took the train out for a tour!

We met up with our tour guides (I don’t know what else to call them) and went to lunch at a nearby restaurant just to kind of hang out. We went back to their offices and had a nice little presentation, and then they gave us a tour. In addition to really cool workspaces, they have an amazing atrium containing two ping pong tables, a pool table, an air stream trailor, a giant TV with theater seats (they said the entire office was crowded around it during that whole balloon-boy thing), a photobooth, etc. They also have a very wonderful kitchen, a graffiti studio, and a giant warehouse. After our tour, they asked us if we would model some of the new shirts for them. Every week they update the new shirts, and they always have a picture of a boy and a girl wearing the shirt in the newsletter/website/blog. We were REALLY excited. And they let us keep the shirts! So not only are we going to be internet famous, we also got a free un-released shirt!  


They said that around 5:00 every evening everybody is hanging out playing ping pong. Who wouldn't?




Look Mom! I'm going to be FAMOUS!


Our whole dandy group and new Threadless friends!

 It all added up to a very thrilling Wednesday. I’ll let you know when the pictures have been updated on their website. It’s going to be a very exciting day indeed. 

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I am a little jealous! I don’t think OU groups ever really get to go on fieldtrips. Well, my friend who’s a botany major says his class takes fieldtrips to actual fields, and he hates them because he always gets hurt. The first time, he got stung seven times by bees, and the second time he sprained his ankle. That is all irrelevant. Your excursion sounds awesome.

Comment by caromac

That is so amazing! I have a bunch of threadless shirts and I’m super jealous.

Comment by Whitney Ronshagen

I have some threadbare shirts. Is that the same thing?

Maybe I should send them the shirt that my small group made for me. It reads, “Hold my beer, I want to try something.”

That’s the last time I tell them I lit my leg on fire.

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

I hope you got a shirt for me. We could call it my birthday present

Comment by Anne

Do you think they would print some sassy tooter tshirts?

Comment by Gordon

And you didn’t have to swallow a fish to get it!

Comment by grandma

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