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things I’ve done this week
November 4, 2009, 3:21 pm
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since Monday I have:

  • made curried lentils and rice for dinner
    I have a cell-phone picture and would show you but I’m on my work computer and cannot connect via the bluetooth. It looked better in real life anyway. We love curry at our apartment. We eat it right up! My roommate Lauren bought the cutest little baby potatoes at Trader Joe’s and we put them in the curry. It was starch overload, but I like it that way. Also, the bland potato as nice when our mouths were on fire from the curry.
  • laughed at Caroline
    I’m sorry. She’s just ridiculous. Read the comments people leave. What a buncha weirdos.
  • got vaccinated for H1N1
    My school had free vaccines. I am now one less. And I won’t give you the swine flu! I really don’t like needles, but I decided to be a big girl, and the sweet lady wielding the syringe was very kind and friendly. Bless her heart. I got free Oreos and a sore arm. Score!
  • checked the weekend weather forecast for Nashville, TN
    Nate and I are visiting our friend Katherine for the weekend and I am excited! Sunshine! Friends! Reasonable temperatures! Oh, the

Ok that’s it. I haven’t been super productive. But it’s only Wednesday. I have my drawing class tonight…ideally he will let us out early. But who knows.

Have a delightful Wednesday evening. Hugs and kisses to all.


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I like how the potatoes get described as cute, and I get described as ridiculous.
Have fun in Nashville! Also be careful. There is a lot of music there.

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