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Adventures in Nashville
November 10, 2009, 10:23 pm
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Lots of lovely folks have come to visit Nate and I in Chicago. It’s fun playing tour guide, and this weekend we got to experience the other end of it. Our dear/great/best/goodest friend Katherine attends Belmont University in Nashville, and we were finally able to go see her world. You’re probably going to get sick of all these fluffy adjectives, but it was a truly great weekend.

We had a safe and uneventful flight out of O’Hare on Friday evening. We managed to locate the Garrett’s Popcorn (with the assistance of my mother), and I unknowingly snuck a pocket knife through security (don’t worry. The TSA caught it in Nashville. I forgot about it. Again). Katherine picked us up at the airport, and we headed straight to dinner at Mafiaoza’s, a “pizzeria and pub.” Another friend from Wichita/Real Life, Tori Mac, joined us for pizza and pasta. Tori looked at Columbia before settling on Belmont to study music business. Small world!

Not pictured here is the 18" pizza Nate ate six pieces of.

Not pictured here is the 18" pizza Nate ate six pieces of...

The majority of our weekend was filled with eating and catching up. Those are absolutely the two best ways to spend a weekend.
On Saturday morning (err, late morning), we went to a delightful restaurant called the Pfunky Griddle with nine of Katherine’s friends. The main menu item at the Pfunky Griddle is the unlimited pancakes. The tables have large griddles built into the center, and they give you pitchers of white and multi-grain batter and toppings and let you do the rest! A couple of Katherine’s friends ordered sides of eggs. They literally bring you the whole egg and you crack and cook it however you like. Gimmicky, yes, but so much fun. The multi-grain pancakes were sooo good.


No surprise, we smelled like pancakes for the rest of the day.

After breakfast/lunch (we never identified it as brunch), Katherine gave us a tour of her campus. It’s so neat to see friends in environments that suit them perfectly. Katherine is a classical viola performance major, and she’s getting amazing opportunities at Belmont. Her mother and I are very proud.

My one requirement for our visit was that I got a cupcake. I love bakeries. Bakeries are like the best thing ever. Nashville did not disappoint. Gigi’s Cupcakes were HUGE, reasonably priced, and had tons of frosting. Like equal parts frosting and cupcake.


Our flavors from left to right: carrot cake, Italian cream, and wedding cake.

We spent the afternoon driving around, dancing to music, and enjoying things you can’t do in a big city. Like getting half-priced cranberry-cherry limeades at Sonic America’s Drive-in. And eating Chick-fil-a. I am still confused why Chick-fil-a has not taken over America yet. Couldn’t we trade a Starbucks or Walgreens for a good clean Chick-fil-a? I could go for that.

Katherine's excitement was uncontainable. The picture of the cup is for proof.

Katherine's excitement was uncontainable. The Chick-fil-a cup is for proof that we were there. The nearest Chick-fil-a is three hours away.

Saturday evening was spent doing exciting wonders like hanging out with Katherine at work, watching Glee (Katherine and I are TV-kindred spirits), eating fried cookie dough, and watching Tay Swift host Saturday Night Live. Oh, did I say something about fried cookie dough? Let me inform you. Katherine discovered this restaurant with cookie dough egg rolls on the menu. Sinful. She says that she and her friends medicate with cookie dough egg rolls. Rough week? Cookie dough egg rolls. Need to celebrate? Cookie dough egg rolls. Some genius decided to fill an egg roll wrapper with cookie dough and serve it with ice cream and hot fudge. I took a picture, but the flash rendered it useless. Besides, concept is really all you need with this one.

On Sunday we went to Katherine’s church and had lunch with Nate’s aunt and uncle, who incidentally live just down the street from Belmont. We also visited Nashville’s full-size replica of the Parthenon (really) and the lovely park that surrounded it.


I’m so thankful that Nate and I could see Katherine in her element. Aside from the excessive eating, lovely weather, and refreshing change of pace, our general togetherness this weekend was such a blessing. We don’t get to see each other very often, and that makes it so much sweeter. Praise the Lord for such a glorious weekend!


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Umm….yes. What a fantabulous weekend. I love you guys! Woo!!!

Comment by Katherine

Frances, Thank you for a guided tour…Katherine had a blast!!! I love you all. Susan

Comment by Susan Holmgren

oh frances, of course i would find out you have a blog and I would come to it and immediately get schooled. im gonna come read this baby more often! thanks for reading mine!

Comment by Scabby

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