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is alfredo really a proper noun?
November 15, 2009, 8:19 pm
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I just put heavy whipping cream in my coffee. I know. I live large.

Nate and I made fettuccine alfredo the other night for dinner. We went to Trader Joe’s to pick stuff up, and they didn’t have real live fettuccine. We used some kind of egg noodle linguine, and it was tttasty tasty. Nate didn’t know what all was in the alfredo sauce. Yes. It is just parmesan cheese, heavy whipping cream, and a whole dang stick a butta. We used Pioneer Woman’s recipe, but I’m looking forward to trying my mom’s legendary version sometime soon. Well, not too soon. We should probably start spacing out our saturated fats.

In completely-unrelated-to-saturated-fats news, I registered for classes on Thursday. It’s always stressful trying to navigate the credit-hour waters with minimal advising assistance, and this round of registration really wiped me out. My major is advertising art direction, and thus far I’ve been enrolled in foundation art and design classes. I’m getting ready to plunge into my major classes, but because I didn’t take a specific intro class this current semester, I’m not able to enroll in any future advertising art direction classes. Not cool, college-adviser-who-approaches-her-job-and-my-multi-thousand-dollar-education-very-casually. Not cool. So I’m taking two classes in the graphic design major this spring: Color Strategies, and Sign/Symbol/Image. I’m so thankful to be studying something that gets me so excited. Jazz hands everybody.
A lot of times I kind of forget what my major is. I get so caught up in design that I forget my major is different than the other design kids. In the future, I’ll be taking more classes about consumer behavior and advertising theory and creative strategies. The idea is that I’ll graduate and be able to express my ideas visually and verbally. Lucky me! Through this past week, I’ve kind of been reminding myself why I’m studying what I’m studying. I like learning. It’s something that I enjoy, and that is a dang good thing, because there is a lot of educating about to happen up in here.



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dear francey,
thanks for the comment. you are like a wise old sage in disguise. i sometimes forget that im supposed to love annoying people too. thanks for the reminder.

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