frances in the city

December 6, 2009, 5:56 pm
Filed under: Chicago!
  1. It’s been a long time. I’ve missed you. Unfortunately, now is not the time for an in-depth catch up. Later, ok?
  2. Thanksgiving in Kansas was GREAT. So great. This is what happened: I didn’t get my Kansas fill because I was only home for like five days, so now I want to go back REALLY BAD.
  3. We are in end-o-semester crunch time. It’s the time of the year when I feel guilty doing anything that is not school or to-do list related.
  4. End-o-semester crunch time sucks all the joy out of the Christmas season. All I want to do is wrap presents and take part in holiday cheer and bake and stuff. I don’t think it’s that ridiculous of a request.
  5. On Friday night we made fondue (cheese AND chocolate) and decorated our 7-foot Christmas tree with popcorn garland.
  6. It’s cold here and supposed to snow a lot in the next week. I’m ok with that. I gots BOOTS.
  7. I just installed no less than 20 new fonts on my computer. Because I pay tuition, I have access to all kinds of expensive fonts fo free. I AM EXCITED TO RE-STRUCTURE MY FONT LIBRARY OVER CHRISTMAS BREAK.
  8. Over Christmas break I also fully intend to make a frilly apron and bake a cappuccino fudge cheesecake with my mom. I have plans for my time off.
  9. Two weeks from today I will be snuggled up at home.
  10. My time management skills are looking decent so far. This two-week thing could be ok.
  11. John Mayer’s new CD grew on me. Sorry for dissing on it last time.
  12. I found this website. Um. Some of it is disgusting, and some of it is genius. My roommate David and I spent far too long looking through descriptions and ultimately made cheese fries. We are weak.
  13. I want to ride the CTA Holiday train SO BADLY. Or at least witness it in all its regal glory.

Ok that is all for now. Forgive my absence/negligence. I’ll be back someday soon!


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Comment by caromac

Hey lady! I am so happy to find your blog, I read BackGarage too 🙂 You should read Forkable, she’s a Chicagoan also. Thanks for your comment on Biblical roles, that post took a lot out of me this morning. I appreciate it… now I am off to read your blogs!

Comment by Taylor

ps: the electrical sparks really make the holiday train look extra magic!

Comment by Taylor

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