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frigid friday
December 11, 2009, 3:40 pm
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Well friends, I’m procrastinating again, so this seems like the appropriate time for a new post. Hopefully writing this will get the juices flowing to write my paper for History of Communication Design (I have yet to find an appropriate abbreviation for that class, oh well, I’ll be finished with it in a week.) Anybody interested in writing about William Morris’ Arts & Craft movement in relation to the contemporary DIY movement? I will pay you handily in warm fuzzies.

 Here are the universal themes of my life right now:

  1. Dang, it is cold/windy outside.
  2. Really finals? Let’s get this over with.

I am usually focused on one of these three things at any given hour of the day. Currently I am experiencing #2, but I just got back from lunch where I experienced #1 and #3.

Last Friday night we had friends over for fondue and general holiday cheer. We decorated our tree, which looks lovely and sparkly. We also made popcorn garland, which is labor-intensive but not that difficult once you get the needle threaded…which can take a very long time.

Since I’m all about lists (which indicate’s I’m probably not in the mental state to write this paper), I give you highlights:

  • We got our first snow Monday morning. It was a light dusting and friendly enough. Unfortunately, doom followed, though not as intensely as elsewhere in the midwest. Thank heavens for eskimo gear.
  • On Tuesday, my student design group had an iChat Q&A session with Sean Adams, who is a big deal and lives in California where it is sunny. His firm has worked for Nickelodeon, Gap, ABC, and the Sundance Film Festival. I asked him what Robert Redford was like. He said he had dreamy hair. I can believe that.
  • Wednesday afternoon, during the middle of a horizontal snow storm, my student design group (we are busy) toured The Post Family‘s workspace. The Post Family is this super friendly and hardworking art collective. They’re all successful in their own way (one guy was the creative director of Obama’s design campaign. Wow), but they got a space to do personal work and were so gracious to give us a tour, screenprinting demo, and letterpress demonstration. I would say it was worth the 40 mph gusts.
  • Yesterday Nate and I had our favorite Chinese food and hung out. He finished his finals Wednesday and left for Houston this morning (as far as I know, his flight is still delayed. How unfortunate). We also went to Taco Bell around 11:30 last night, which may or may not have been a good decision. It took them 20 minutes with our order. 20 minutes! Come on, Taco Bell. It’s not rocket science.
  • David and I had Wow Bao today for lunch, which is one of my favorite things to eat ever. And the $5 off coupon I had from last time when they screwed up my order made my lunch cheap.
  • This evening I am volunteering at a book launch party for the Society of Typographic Arts. I don’t know many details, but I know this: I get in free, and it will be all kinds of nerdy fun.
  • This weekend I will take care of some Christmas gifts, work on projects, and chip away at my family’s Christmas letter, which I am super excited about.

Ok. This is it for now. I successfully killed thirty minutes. Hope everyone is warm and well!


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I love my fireplace. It keeps me warm and toasty in this -0 degree weather.

Comment by grandma

I would like to hear more about Robert Redford’s hair.

Comment by Caroline

Cute tree! We debated heavily on whether or not to get one and eventually decided not to because we’ll be gone for a while and we don’t want it to die 😦 However, we want a small, potted tree and I’m thinking we should cash-in on post-Christmas deals to get one and save for next year!

Comment by Taylor

I love wow bao. It amazes me. Good food, authentic food, in the middle of the fake/expensive area of Chicago.

Comment by Kacie

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