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Finals Fact #17:
December 15, 2009, 10:35 pm
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Trader Joe’s frozen entrees make not cooking during finals a LOT more bearable.
Tonight’s dinner: garden vegetable lasagna. Who ever would have thought peas would be good in lasagna? Not me, that’s for sure.

I am 20% finished with the last week of classes! This morning I took my P.R. final in around 40 minutes (Take that public relations!) and ate vending machine poptarts for lunch. We had a group project for my Graphic Design final, so I wasn’t super stressed, but there was a lot of last minute picture placing to be done. I was part of a team of four graphic designers paired with a team of product designers. They were designing a new recycling bin for the city park district (not really, folks! The clients are all fake!) and we designed the promotional materials.  Woo real world scenarios! We had a good experience, but there was palpable tension between other groups. Our presentation went really smoothly, so my group bought skittles to celebrate. Of course.

Tonight I’m plugging away at my new children’s book, The ABC’s of Tuberculosis. Just kidding, it’s for my epidemics final. But seriously. So far this evening I’ve illustrated the HIV virus, phlegm, and J.L Schonlein, the man who named the disease “Tuberculosis.” Jealous? I figured.

So. I’ve got a poster project due tomorrow evening and this morbid book, then MacNews 2009 and a lotta packing. Then I can come home! Yay! It won’t be that bad, and before you know it Gracie will be in my lap (rumor has it she got her Christmas bath yesterday) with a plate of fudge within reach. Can.Not.Wait.


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I thought it was the ABC’s of Cholera. Did you change it because of how great the word “tubercular” is?

Comment by caromac

“ABC’s of Tuberculosis” would have been the only choice. “The ABCs (Antibody, B cells, and Carbohydrate epitopes) of Cholera” has already been done.

Comment by Dad

I have the incredible privilege of having an early release of the manuscript.

I read it to Riley at bedtime last night.

She wouldn’t go to sleep….

We are anxiously awaiting the release of the “Black Death Counting Book.”

Comment by Uncle Kenneth

Weird! I got MY Christmas bath on the 14th, too!

Can’t wait to see you, friend!!

Comment by Jenni

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