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January 20, 2010, 3:19 pm
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So. Blogging is hard when you’re not on a set schedule (i.e. when you’re home for five weeks over Christmas). Actually, self motivation in general is difficult when you’re not on a schedule. Actually, self motivation is hard all the time. Except when it involves food. But I think that might just be me. I really don’t like apologizing every time I end the drought, because sometimes when I read archives of blogs, I think “GEEZ. Stop apologizing already. This is not pertinent.”, and I waste a lot of space apologizing (more on my self-absorbtion later). But I feel I owe you an apology. It’s not cool to up and abandon something for weeks on end. Thank goodness for the Google Reader, otherwise I think my mother would forget I had a blog altogether.

Anywayzzz, I am back in Chicago for the semester. School starts next week, and I’m enjoying having this week to regroup, relax, organize, get used to life here before the crazy semester throws itself at me. I started back at work today, which is nice and slow. I’ve been catching up on my blog-reading, and I quite like that.

Here’s what my week has looked like since my departure from the 316:


  • Saturday Mom and I drove to Kansas City to catch the Megabus. There was terrible fog and black ice that caused a HUGE wreck that shut down the highway for a loonng stretch and delayed our journey thirty minutes. I do not complain, because we were SO fortunate to have been spared from the wreck and I made my bus. God is good all the time! My bus ride was otherwise uneventful. It was the first time I’d ridden during the day, so I was actually awake! Mom tracked down my ticket for free, can you believe it?? Megabus coupon codes, people. Saturday evening was spent with Nate and his parents, who were in town for the weekend. We watched a disappointing and mostly non-funny Saturday Night Live. My message to the writers of SNL: Just because Justin Timberlake isn’t hosting doesn’t mean you can write crappy skits. Sigourney Weaver has comedic capabilities too.
  • Sunday we had Lou Malnati’s pizza for lunch. What a delightful “Welcome back to Chicago!” meal. Then we went up to Northwestern to watch the UIC tennis team get mostly destroyed in their state-of-the-art facility. It’s ok. They tried their best and Northwestern is really good and we had cookies. Also, they beat Northern Illinois the next day. They’ve got a big season ahead of them.
  • Monday David and I took the Metra to his hometown and drove to IKEA. That ate the majority of the day, but we had a lovely time dreaming about buying nearly everything in the store, and we even got a few things. My desk is now very organized. Our friend Alison joined us for dinner, and it was great to catch up and eat. We love Alison.
  • Tuesday was a lot less productive than I’m about to make it sound, but it still felt good. I slept in (wonderful), cleaned/organized my desk, put my new IKEA sheets on my bed, and listed all my textbooks on (I already sold one! Amazing!). Later Nate joined me on a grocery run, which is a true testament to his patience and tolerance since I am ridiculously scatter-brained at the grocery store. Even when I have a list. Then we made pizza for dinner. I read this recipe a while ago and was really excited that it was just as easy as the lady promised. I foresee lots of pizza-making in our future.

I feel like I’ve been so busy! I still have a lot of little things to accomplish before school starts, but I believe I have the next few evenings to myself and I think I’ll plug on through.

Oh! Back to self absorbtion/pure narcissism. I’ve resisted Twitter for a while. For a while I was pretty adamant about it, but as my hostility subsided, I considered it a little more…and today I made one (eek!). You can see it at the top of the left hand column. I still don’t understand how all the Twitter technology works (it is TRICKY!), but I appreciate its convenience and how I can do tiny updates (from my phone!??!!) without full-blown blog posts. Which means communication could be more frequent…? We shall see. It is a new endeavor.

Social Media Venn Diagram from here


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At first I thought Tweetstalk was a made up thing, but I checked the googles, and it’s real! Also, I still don’t get Twitter. You should explain it to me sometime.
You young people.

Comment by caromac

Glad to have you back in my neck of the woods again. Tweeter away!

Comment by grandma

Oooooh! I found some FRESH MOZZARELLA CHEESE that someone left in my refrigerator while she was home for Christmas break. I think I’ll make a pizza!

Comment by Mom

Comment by Caroline

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