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productive unproductivity
January 22, 2010, 4:24 pm
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It feels like it really should be a wildly productive day…but it’s not. I’ve been working the past few days to catch up on some of the time I took off (5 weeks is a long time!), and I have all sorts of free time. The semester doesn’t start till Monday, so we’re really not that busy. I have all kinds of time to do things I won’t be able to do once school tromps all over my soul: research for projects, write scholarship essays, work on miscellaneous projects, etc. Yet somehow, I have accomplished none of those things. I have, however, read an inordinate sum of items in my Google Reader, perused & ordered stamps from the United States Parcel Service (the king and queen “Love” stamps are sooo cute!), chatted excessively with both my mother and father on GoogleChat, stalked people via facebook, wrapped most of my brain around the concept of Twitter, organized my calendar, mailed two textbooks, and pretty-fied my to-do lists. Basically, what I do every Friday (except for the Twitter part. that’s new. so are the stamps. can you imagine if I ordered 20 stamps every single friday? that would be so much stamps!).

Here’s what I think YOU should do on this Friday afternoon:

  • Start reading my good friend Calla-baker’s blog. Or at least read her most recent post about stress eating. About half-way through, she gloriously and accurately describes the stress that comes from monster deadlines (i.e. the majority of my high school newspaper experience). Plus, she’s a journalist, so she is a very cohesive writer.
  • Make these muffins and let me know if I can leave out the fennel seeds. That’s one more thing to buy, and I’m really not so hot on fennel seeds.
  • Ponder this:
    A long complicated sentence should force itself upon you, make you know yourself knowing it and the comma, well at the most a comma is a poor period that it lets you stop and take a breath but if you want to take a breath you ought to know yourself that you want to take a breath.     
    Gertrude Stein excerpted from the 1935 “Poetry and Grammar.”
    originally from here
  • Pick your favorite ampersand and holler back.
    I like this one:
    and this one:

Now onto le weekend!


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You have left me breathless!!!

Comment by grandma

You are nice, and I like you.

Comment by Kristin

I think the choice of ampersand is a highly personal and intimate subject that should hardly be discussed in such a forum. I am highly offended that… oh, THAT’S what an “ampersand” is.


Comment by Uncle Kenneth

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