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February 8, 2010, 4:06 pm
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It’s been a bit.

For some reason, I haven’t been motivated to blog at all lately. My RSS-consumption remains at a high level, and I still feel fairly creative. I don’t know exactly what’s up.

One contributing factor has been my schedule…it’s actually easier than what I was up to last semester, but the work load has increased. Add in miscellaneous freelancing jobs and you’ve got one stretched out little college student. I’m not overwhelmed at all, but somehow it seems that I have less time…subsequently I have not cleaned in ages (3 weeks. it feels like a really long time), my laundry is overflowing, and I do very little lounging. On the flip side, I have been fairly productive, I’m being challenged in my classes, and I’m pushing for seven hours of sleep a night (Aunt Lynette told me it was important). I’ve been eating my fruits and vegetables, drinking lots of water, and remembering to wear my gloves. I also have been able to devote time to friendships, and that is such a blessing.

Currently I’m resisting writing an essay for a scholarship. I’ve got my teacher recommendation forms out, so now I’m committed to writing the dang thing. I have this week until Saturday afternoon to get it done…PLEASE don’t let me procrastinate.

Something super exciting is happening Saturday evening: I am picking up sweet Anne from the airport. She’s coming for a long weekend to check out UIC and play with me. I’ve got a few fun ideas up my sleeve, and they mostly hinge on her willingness to put food in her belly. I think we’re going to be alright.

recent notable events:

  • Nate turned 20 (he is OLD) and I gave him 48 packages of fruit snacks (it’s what he wanted, I swear) and tickets to see John Mayer in April. We saw John Mayer for my birthday 2.5 years ago, and it will be SO FUN.
  • I designed a promotional emailer for a delicious bakery in the city. My roommate nannies for the owners (ya follow?) and it was such a fun project. You can see the archived file here, and you can check out their website/sign up for future emails here. I hope to be paid in whoopie pies.
  • I made more pizza! It has sustained me for quite some time, and it was so easy.

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Avoiding school/work is always a good motivator for bloggin. I’ve found.

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