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February 10, 2010, 9:20 pm
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How about that procrastination? Isn’t it an incredible force? If we could harness the energy exerted in procrastination, we could power lots of things. Maybe then our heating bill would be less…I think I’m going to look into this.

It snowed yesterday. Straight up blizzard. It’s the most snow of the season, and it seems like more snow than we got last year…I could be wrong in my assessment, but either way, those drifts are large. I hiked to school today. FUN.

Switching gears…there’s something sad that I’ve noticed in myself these past few weeks: my soul gets hard during the school-week. It sounds weird, but Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays kind of suck life out of me in ways I haven’t experienced before. In general, I’m excited about my classes and I enjoy my teachers. But there’s a certain pressure that kind of weighs me down, and I can feel it in my chest. My mind gets so full of material and to-do’s and new ideas that it’s hard to unwind when the day is over. It’s overwhelming.

Here are the things I intend to do to assist in remedying that:

  • Make time to do things with my hands. Last night I made gnocchi for dinner with this tomato sauce. It was satisfying to see (and taste) a finished product. A lot of my projects are open-ended right now, and it’s nice to easily carry something out to completion.
  • Talk more to people who are experiencing life outside of my weird little realm: my mom, sweet Calla-Baker, Katherine, Jenni, all kinds of folks…today I had coffee with Robin and it was just the best treat. Nutella croissants and a sincere human being. I couldn’t ask for more. Isn’t it weird how all those people (except my mom!) have blogs? Coincidence, I swear.
  • Make lists of things I am thankful for & praise God before the day begins…I think this can and will be very influential in my well being.

What are things that you do to keep sane and centered? I’m open to all kinds of things!

Thank goodness Anne is coming this weekend and we get to play a bit. Sisters are good for all kinds of things, and I am really looking forward to an Anne-hug.

Some of you may have seen the following in the email-mailer I linked to the other day, but I really enjoy this little Valentine’s Day banner I made. So I think I’ll put it right here at the end and celebrate sweet little things that are tiny blessings.


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Ugh. The mid-week soul-numbing sensation sounds too familiar. I haven’t tried cooking as a remedy yet, which is possibly the problem. Currently my solution is to go on long midnight walks in the bitter cold, which releases a LOT more endorphins than you would think. Also this semester I’ve been trying to actually treat Sunday as a day of rest, and that seems to have a very good effect on the other days of the week also. Some other good “releases” I’ve heard include smoking, junk food, and sticking thumbtacks in your neck. If you try any of those, please let me know.

Comment by caromac

Umm maybe avoid carolines 1st and 3rd ideas. Just throwing that out here

Comment by natw

I can’t type…

Comment by nate

Dear Frances, Pioneer Woman is giving away a red kitchen prize package. You and Jan need to enter STAT.

Comment by Kristin


Comment by Frances

It was the best treat!! Let’s do it again sometime soon!

Comment by Robin

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